Great Party Ideas for a Boys Night In!

Boys nights in are something that we all treasure and look forward to as much as possible. It’s good to have some guy time and spend a little time away from the other half. Here are some excellent ideas for activities on a boys night in.

Games Night

We all love to play video games now and then. But these days gaming has become much more of a sociable event than in the past. Now you can have friends round, and you can all enjoy taking turns at playing against each other. This is a fun activity, and it adds another dimension to the concept of gaming. Plus it means that people who aren’t playing have some company to keep them amused and entertained.

Poker Tournament

It’s always great to have a little fun with some harmless gambling. But you might not have the money or time to visit a casino. So an excellent alternative is to host a poker night at home. Get in touch with your friends and give them the details. You’ll need to agree on stakes, so perhaps a chain email would be a good idea. Then you need to have a home kit consisting of a folding poker table and a case of chips. Make sure everybody is au fait with the rules before you begin. You’ll also need to check that you’re stocked up on alcohol and snacks as much as possible.

Watch Sport

What better way to celebrate a guys night in than by watching some competitive sport? Most men will enjoy sport of some kind, and there’s so much choice these days. It seems like barely a week goes by without some kind of major sporting match or event on television. Whether it’s soccer, NFL or athletics, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you. The best bet would be to choose a night where there are a couple games showing one after the other. That way you can have a complete, immersive sporting experience. Make sure you invite friends who are as into sport as you are.

Movie Time

Take this opportunity to have a guy’s movie night. There’s bound to be a couple movies that you and your boys have been looking forward to for a long time. Perhaps they’re action movies that your partners had no interest in. In this case, you now have the perfect opportunity here to enjoy the movies without being nagged! Make sure you choose a collection of flicks that you all really like. You may want to go for a theme or with films from a certain actor. Get some beers and chips in, sit back, and enjoy the ride surrounded by friends.

A guys night in gives you and your friends the perfect opportunity to sit around and enjoy being guys. You can focus on doing man things, and enjoy time without the ladies present. Of course, you’re not obligated to do anything. You might just want to talk about getting in shape, cars and women. It’s just important to spend as much time together as possible.


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