Great Gifts From One Brother To Another

As a man, it can often seem like there are lines that you should tread less if you’re getting a friend something for their birthday. There are some friends, for instance, you can get cologne for and those you can’t. In some cases, it might just be weird. Fortunately, if it’s your brother you’re getting a present to, you don’t have to worry about that. You’ve grown up with them and shared probably more than most of us want to. That also means you can get them just about anything you want for their birthday. So what are the best birthday presents to get your brother?

Up Your Fragrance Game

As we’ve mentioned, in some cases it might seem just a little too personal to get a friend a fragrance. But with your brother, it’s all okay to not-too-subtly tell them they smell. Most guys have a few fragrances they use for different occasions. Summer’s coming up, so if you have a brother with a summer birthday, get him a cologne to fit the season. Who doesn’t appreciate a good cologne?

Share A Drink


Similarly, who doesn’t love a drink? It depends on your brother’s tastes, but you should know what he drinks by now. Whether he’s a fan of the multitude of different craft beers you can find or a fine Japanese whiskey, this always makes for a great present. Then you get to use the excuse that you bought them to heavily partake as well. A great flask can be a great present to go with the harder liquors, too.

Caffeine Fix

There is no shortage of people who absolutely need coffee in their life. Whether it’s just part of his morning routine or he studies or works from home, a coffee machine makes an excellent present. He’ll appreciate how much money you’re saving him, for one. If you get him a machine that uses pods to make all kinds of drinks, then he’ll appreciate just how versatile it is as well.

Keeping Time

Watches are starting to make a huge comeback. For a while there, it seemed like the average man was happy to replace his wrist piece with his phone. Sure, it might be handier, but that’s not really what getting a watch is about. Along with the shoes, it’s the first place a woman will look beyond your physical appearance, for one. But it’s a fashion statement, a marker of class that you can easily display. So get him a good watch.

Take To The Skies

It’s an uncommonly true stereotype that guys love technology. There are some outliers out there, but we imagine that if you get your brother some fantastic tech, he’ll be happy. What more fantastic tech is there right now than camera drones? Whether it’s one with a camera installed or one he can easily a Gopro onto, these have kept thousands of would-be filmmakers busy. Plus he’ll probably have fun annoying you with it by flying low, too.

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