Got A Bro Who’s Getting Married? Here’s How To Organize The Ultimate Stag Do

If you’ve got a friend who’s getting married and you’ve just been named his best man, then it is time to get a stag do going. All your mates will be desperate to get their ideas heard! Especially if this is the first marriage within your group of friends. However, there is only one way to organise the ultimate stag do. So, why don’t you sit back and let us at GroomingMail tell you how to do it? Check it out!

Travel In Style

Everything about this stag weekend should be epic! The chances are that this is the last time your friend is going to experience a proper lad’s night out in a fair while. So, you’ve got to make it insane! Start by hiring a super cool sports cars to transport you and your mates to the airport in. Companies such as Prestige Keys provide this sort of service. Companies that will let you hire out awesome, expensive cars are great! You guys could get around in a Bentley, a Porche or even a Ferrari Enzo! It’ll be pricey, but it’ll be epic!

Go Abroad

Secondly, we mentioned travelling in style to the airport, and there’s a good reason for that – you guys might want to jet off somewhere sunny! Your lad will have his honeymoon planned somewhere romantic, so take him to somewhere the complete opposite! We’re thinking Vegas! What a great laugh it could be having a few drinks and laying down some massive bets with you mates in the casino. Who knows? Somebody might win big and be able to pay for the whole trip! Awesome! If Las Vegas isn’t your guys’ scene, then maybe head for a European weekend break somewhere cool like Berlin or Prague. Both are excellent for a night out! Either way, just be sure to soak up the sun and make this a night to remember for your main man.

Personalised Hoodies

Every stag do without them is incomplete! You must get hold of some personalised hoodies to commemorate the event. They’re always a right laugh! Be sure to have everyone assigned a nickname on the back of their one because that’s all part of the fun and games! Nobody will fail to spot you lot as you smash the local nightlife scene! You’ll really look the part. Hoodies can be worn fashionably – even in 2019!

Fancy Dress

Finally, no stag weekend is complete without an awesome group effort at fancy dress! If not everybody is game, then leave your boring mates behind because fancy dress is a right laugh! Ideally, you want a costume theme that everybody can adhere to. For example, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves would be a great place to start! If there’s a few more of you, then you may wish to go as something to accommodate your numbers. Either way, be sure to do it! Fancy dress will make the night that extra bit more hilarious! Nobody will forget the time that they dressed up as one of the Seven Dwarves either – it’ll make it all that bit more memorable!

Hopefully, this post has helped you plan and create your own epic stag do for your soon-to-be-wedded mate! All the best.