Gift Ideas For Intellectual Men

Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day – some people look forward to do these days eagerly, but for others it can be a gift-finding nightmare. Everyone loves to receive something special from the person they love, but not everyone knows what to get for their loved ones in return, especially if they’re on the brainier side of the spectrum. Chocolates are too generic, cards don’t mean a lot, and gift cards are just so impersonal that chances are your family won’t be overly impressed should they receive one from you. And unless the man you’re buying for is an avid gamer, trying to find a one-size-fits-all gift is next to impossible. That’s where we come in. Put down your thinking caps and let us do all the work. Below we’ll take a look at some of the best gift ideas for that intellectual man in your life.

A Stack Of Books

If he’s a thinker, he’s a reader. A book is a classic go-to gift for anyone who gives of the air of intelligence. After all, reading is one of the most effective ways of gaining knowledge, and chances are if he’s brainy now, he’s been reading books for a while. But what books do you buy? Well that all depends on his interests. If he’s into science, get something from Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Music? Then maybe a history of Beethoven. Culture? Sociology books are always a fun read. If you want to come across as really thoughtful, it might even be worth printing their own customized book. While this used to be an expensive, arduous process, book printing with a company like print24, for example, is actually really easy and affordable. You can treat this as a scrap book to all his favorite interests, and insert whatever you think he might be interested in.

A Subscription

Also in the same vein as books, getting a subscription of books or magazines is also sure to please them. Quarterlane, for example, is a book delivery service that delivers books curated to the specific taste of the receiver. That means every three months a fresh book will land on their doorstep and they’ll definitely be into it! For something more varied, check out Stack. It’s a subscription magazine service that will deliver a different independent magazine every month.

A Chess Set

As one of the most intellectual games of all time, chess is surely one of the best gifts on the market. Not only is it a way to exercise the mind, but an attractive chessboard is also an ideal piece of home décor. If you’re unsure about what chess sets to buy, check out this definitive guide.

Tickets To See Henry Rollins

What? Tickets to see the former singer of a Punk band? Just listen, it’s worth it. Henry Rollins is indeed the former singer of one of the most influential punk bands out there – Black Flag for those who aren’t aware – but where he really shines is his spoken word recitals. He’s an intellect with a number of broad and diverse opinions on society, philosophy and life in general. The reason why he makes the list is because he tours pretty regularly, so grabbing tickets to one of his shows is pretty likely. Keep an eye – and ear – out!

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