How To Get Rid Of Spots On Your Bum | Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review

Acne and spots are all too often associated with the face, resulting in a general disposition where us men only focus on keeping our face’s clear of acne and spots, but not our bodies.

It relates back to the typical ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mind-set, where unless we can physically see a problem in our day to day lives, we tend to hide it and ignore the issue until it starts to become a problem.

Body acne is a big issue for most guys, whether it be the old spot here or there, down to a full blown break out all over your chest and back. Regardless of the severity of the acne on our bodies, we cover it over and hope for the best but yet a facial break out can completely U-turn our moods. But yet, if we introduce easy, daily changes within our daily routines, the acne and spots on our bodies can be easily reduced, if not cleared.

We’ve covered tips on how to prevent Bacne before, that’s body acne for those who don’t know what that means. But now it’s time to get personal and talk about the spots on our bums and more importantly, how to clear a spotty bum.

How to get rid of spots on your bum?

Before we go ahead and tell you about our favourite product to help clear a spotty bum, it’s important to understand the factors that could be causing spots on your bum. Otherwise, you will clear the acne on your bum and in a few days the acne will be back due to the lifestyle factors which were causing the spots in the first place.

What causes spots on your bum?

There are multiple different factors that can result in acne on your backside but here are 3 major contributing factors.

  1. Dirty bedding: We change and wash our clothes everyday, well if you don’t then this should be your first point of call to address your spotty bum, but yet when it comes to our bedding a lot of people are relaxed about changing it regularly. Dirty bedding can be a huge cause of both body acne and spots on the bum, look to start changing your bedding regularly.
  2. Dirty towels: For the same reasons as dirty bedding can cause acne on the bum, if you’re using a dirty towel to dry yourself after showering then it’s just going to clog your pores acne-causing particles.
  3. The gym: Props to anyone that regularly uses the gym but you’re fool is your not showering after a sweaty gym session and then wondering why you have spots on your bum. Sweat can be a contributing factor to acne as it clogs up pores in the skin.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Treat spots on your bum with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

The Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser is a great product for treating the acne on your bum. A cleanser is a great way of clearing acne as it gently removes what the skin doesn’t need, without altering the skin’s natural pH balance or stripping any of the skin’s essential oils.

Cetaphil have varying products within their cleanser range but the product we recommend for treating acne on your bum is their Face & Body Cleanser, as it’s suitable to use on your face, body and importantly your bum.

Not only is the product great for treating spots on your bum, but it’s also suitable for all skincare types. This is a product that you will typically find within the medicated skincare section at most UK health and beauty retailers so this should help give you some confidence that the product works.

You should see results within 1-2 weeks when the product is used regularly, like any treatment, it can take time for improvements to be seen.

How to use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to get rid of spots on your bum?

We recommend incorporating the Cetaphil skin cleanser as part of your daily showering regime, choosing to end a shower with the body cleanser.

For optimum acne-clearing results, simply apply the cleanser to skin, in this case on your bum, and massage the area gently with water and then rinse. Then pat dry the area with a soft, clean towel.

Alternately, the product can be used without water by applying the cleanser to the skin on the bum and then wipe away the excess cleanser with a paper tissue or cotton wool pad.

For a acne-clear backside, we recommend minimising the factors that are causing your spots on your bum, in conduction with the Cetaphil body cleanser.

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