How To Get The Best Out Of A Beard

Don’t call it a comeback. The beard’s been here for years! Despite the fact that the Wall Street Journal is asking if the beard trend is over, we can say with a strength that the beard isn’t merely a trend. It’s here to stay as long as you’re comfortable with one hugging your face.

Many people aren’t confident in their facial hair, and that’s not ok! Each beard is great in it’s right and if you’re not sure that it is, well we can tell you that it can be. It just needs a little bit of help!

So, if you’re starting off – keep at it. If you’re growing a beard, don’t stop. Don’t trim it too early. Each beard should have at least eight weeks of growth time without being touched, and in the meantime, they can look pretty gnarly so keep at it and don’t lose confidence in your beard!

And hey, sometimes they don’t work out, but it’s no worry. Just try it out again every few months until it keeps. Eventually, this should happen!

So, how do you get the best out of your new beard? Ideally you need a few pieces of kit and product.

Every beard-owner should have a beard brush. A good beard brush will keep your beard in top condition for a good while, just make sure to look after the brush as it will collect hair and dirt, so keep it clean as you’re rubbing it all over your face! A beard brush will condition the beard hairs with each stroke and keep your hairs in great shape. Brushing will also direct your hair to grow in the desired direction.

The perfect product to combine with a beard brush is a good balm or beard oil. Beard balms keep your hair in good condition and growing nicely. Combining with a brush ensures maximum coverage and a good balm or oil will maintain the hairs of your brush in good shape. Balms and oils also keep the skin under the beard in good condition.

By now your beard should be growing quite nicely and should be getting too a decent length. That means you’ll have to trim. That doesn’t mean you have to cut the entire thing off, but a good trim keeps the beard in good shape so it can grow better in the future. Remember that many beards will grow unevenly so you can keep it growing evenly after a snip. A good pair of beard scissors will be nimble enough to trim the odd hair around your face, but you can also get a trimmer if you fancy reshaping your facial fuzz totally.

This all being said, beards aren’t for everyone and sometimes they might not grow right. There’s no shame in that, and if you don’t like it, you can cut it right off and know that you’ve traveled the path! Beards that grow even longer will need a lot more care, but we can talk about that when you get there. If, you get there!

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