Five Of The Best Movemeber ‘Stash Styles

Movember kicked off in Adelaide in 1999, and it’s fair to say that in the close to two decades since then it’s blossomed into quite the global phenomenon.

The only rule with Movember is that growth must begin from a fresh shave on November 1st, and be continuous over the next thirty days (although of course gentlemen are permitted to trim and preen their moustache over the month). This is all done in the name of promoting worldwide awareness of a variety of male specific health issues. Prostate cancer has always been the most prominent but we’ve seen it spread to a broad range of conditions, also including mental health.

So a thoroughly worthy cause, and also one that is really good natured fun as well. Movember is now so big that since 2010 The ‘Moscars’ – a global event with numerous award categories – has been up and running with millions of men voting on the best stash. But this begs the question; what are the best, most manly Movember stash styles? Here’s a selection of some classic and – erm – more eclectic fashions.

1) Beatnik With ‘Soul Patch’

This is an easy one yet still oozes style! A nice moustache carved as a wedge but offset by a classic patch just above the chin. It’s an easy one to grow and only requires the occasional bit of trimming. Conveniently it works nicely with pretty much any hairstyle too.

Example: Bradley Cooper just gets away with this one, he really ought to be cleaner shaved around the cheeks but it’s good enough:

2) The Reynolds Chevron

Certainly one for those who had a soft spot for Burt Reynolds back in the day, this is a real manly mustache that is simple to grow and a doddle to look after. Bushier the better, just be sure to keep it in the stash zone.

Example: Will Ferrell playing Ron Burgendy grew one to perfection. Check out this beauty:

3) The Gentleman Pencil

A timeless addition to the moustache world, this is the kind of stash your great grandfather may have sported but discreetly smart enough that it still carries well today. Does require a little trimming care to avoid excessive bushiness, and maybe a little wax to help keep the shape, but it’s a classic of it’s type.

Example: This gentleman certainly knew how to look after a pencil moustache. A perfect 10/10:

4) The Handlebar

Popular with both Maverick Cowboys, flying aces, and 70’s pimps, the handlebar is one of the best known and most popular Movember grows. It’s pretty easy to style with a little wax but looks best with a little reapplication over the day; rather than a large dollop first thing in the morning. Try and avoid the wet look. Providing the central body is the thickest feature, it can peak both upwards or downwards.

Example: This Gent is arguably taking it just a little too far. Impressive effort though!

5) The Slug

Easily confused with the Reynolds Chevron, this is actually a much thicker and slightly larger version that is best attempted by guys with a naturally high facial hair growth rate. There’s nothing worse looking than a thin slug, you want this so thick it’ll need scissors to trim.

Example: Stephen Fry playing General Melchett in the classic Blackadder Goes Forth TV comedy. That is the epitome of what a slug mustache should be!

So there are a few tips on how to grow a dazzling moustache this November. Remember to check out advice online how to manage the growth best for your desired style, and use the best quality trimming tools and wax (if needed) you can find. Good luck and happy growing!

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