FIT Sun Protect Serum SPF 50 | Sun Protection For Sensitive, Acne Prone Skin

Summer is officially here believe it or not and this make it the perfect time to discuss the importance of sun protection and why you shouldn’t leave the house without it.

It goes without saying that the sun can appear to be great for you skin in the short-term, leaving it looking healthier, refreshed and acne less pronounced. But, sun protection can’t be compromised due to the long term impact the sun can have on your skin and general health and well being – It’s so easy to identify someone who has abused their skin over the years at the expense of getting a tan.

If I don’t keep on top of my grooming routine I can easily suffer from acne the very next day. It can often be tempting to pass on sun protection because of the acne sun creams and oils can often cause. Facial pores can become blocked with naturally produced oils, skin cells and dirt. The pore then becomes inflamed and hence the associated red appearance of acne. Therefore, it’s all to easy for oily suncreams to cause acne and breakouts, they just block the pores.

After doing my research, I found that FIT Sun Protect Serum SPF 50 is great for people who are prone to acne/sensitive skin and you can read my review of the product below.

FIT Sun Protect Serum SPF 50 Review


This serum is a relatively new product, having only been introduced to it in the last month or so. I was really keen to try it based in the fact that the brand, FIT skincare, is a skincare expert and not primarily a sun care expert.

Having been to Greece recently, FIT sun protect serum was the product I chose to use on my face and I have to admit I was really impressed with the results. It’s normal for me to burn on my face, particularly on my nose and forehead but I didn’t burn once – the product clearly worked. I was sceptical about using such a high SPF, but that didn’t affect my tan. In fact, people have commented saying that my face is actually browner than my body, it’s normally the other way round!

With this product being a serum and a skincare product, I actually haven’t peeled on my face at all, which can’t be said for my chest and shoulders which ironically I didn’t use the product on.

Overall, a great product which you can pick up for £35 from FIT Skincare’s website. The price can seem quite high but if you just use it on your face, like me, then it will definitely last you a while. After all, it is a skincare product and not just a sun cream.