Everything You Need For A Great Holiday In The Sun

Have you started planning your next holiday in the sun yet? You really should because right now everything you need is on sale. We’re at the end of summer. That’s when the prices on bathing suits, suntan lotion, towels, flights and hotel rooms start to drop. If you book now for next summer, you’re looking at slicing the average cost in half. Of course, you might be thinking about taking a last minute vacation this year. If that’s the case you’re in luck because you’re still going to get some great deals. We have got the guide you need to plan it as well.

Shop Till You Drop

The first thing you need to think about is what to take with you on this tropical vacation. We recommend buying some good quality sunscreen, none of this light spray that lets you burn on a tan. This is bad for your skin and it’s not worth damaging your body trying to get a good tan. Next you want to think about all the clothes you will need including a swimming costume. You’ll have to decide between speedos and shorts. Wearing a speedo is back in style right now and nothing says you are proud of your body like a good, tight pair. After all, you would never see James Bond in a loose pair of shorts leaving the pool.

Book A Flight

Next you will be wanting to choose your destination and book a flight. Of course if you want this trip to be cheap, forget about choosing where you go. Show up at the airport and wait for a flight cancellation. You’ll be able to buy your travel at a fraction of the price. This is a bit risky because you could end up going to somewhere like Russia. You can also have a look online for cheap flight deals. There are lots of sites like Hot UK Deals that let you know when a new deal is available. You’ll have to be quick though because they tend to get booked up fast.

An extra tip when booking your flight is to get added leg room for no extra cost. You can do this by booking a seat at the front of the plan or next to the emergency exit. Some travel companies also offer extra leg room as a complimentary extra for those who need it.

Choose Your Hotel

Sometimes booking your hotel with the flight can save you a lot of money. Other times, you can get completely ripped off. You might have noticed there are secret hotels on a lot of travel sites. These hotels will not be revealed until you pay for the room, so you might think it’s like a lucky dip. But it’s not. It’s a scam to sell off the rooms in hotels that no one else would want. Don’t fall for it. Always know where you are going to be staying before you book.

Take Someone With You?

Finally, you may be thinking about going away with a partner, wife or friend. But if not, there are sites where you can hook up with others going to the same destination as you. It’s a fun exciting way to enjoy a tropical holiday, meeting strangers and trying new experiences. We hope you enjoy yourself, no matter where you’re off to. Remember, life comes around only once.

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