Essential Accessories For Every Man’s Wardrobe

Let’s face it gents when it comes to accessories, the women have us beat. It’s a shame although it’s fair to say that the ladies start using accessories far sooner than we do. The thing is, stylish accessories can make the most basic outfit sing – so it’s something we all need to look at. With this in mind, here are several accessories that all men should have as part of their wardrobe. So, make a note, and get your Christmas list written early this year.

A good bag

Be honest, is your current bag the same one you used for football training in your twenties? If so, why not treat yourself to an upgrade? A nice leather weekender is an essential piece of kit for the discerning gent. And, if you go for high quality, it will last you a  lifetime. Over the years, it will distress, take a few knocks, and it will still be capable of holding everything you need for a trip away.


Everyone wears sunglasses, of course. But, not everyone wears the right pair. You might spot a great pair of Raybans in the sale at Boots – but please, check them out before making a purchase. Too many gents out there leap before they look, and end up with shades that are the wrong look for their face shape. Again, the girls understand this far better than men. So, bring one along to give you some sage advice.

A watch

Regardless of whether you like watches or not – you should get one. It’s the handiest – pun intended – accessory you will ever have, and will last a lifetime if you invest a little in quality. They can raise your profile at work, too – a good watch means business, in no uncertain terms. And, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any style of suit. Invest in a good one, though, chaps. The old ‘80s Casio might be proving to be the best value present you ever had, but there’s no room for irony.


If you aren’t wearing cufflinks, you are probably wearing the wrong shirts. Again, no irony here, please. The Simpsons is a funny show – or was. But having Homer’s face peeking out of the bottom of your suit sleeves is not a great look. Be subtle and sophisticated, instead.

A good scarf

OK, so it’s getting warmer outside – but we still have a long way to go until summer. And, with all the sales still on, why not invest a little in a quality scarf? They are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and keep you looking fresh and stylish. Not to mention warm on a cold, British, blustery day. In July.

A brolly

The good old umbrella should never be far from your side in this country. They are nothing short of essential – yet so many men get them wrong. Solid colours are your best bet, as they suit everything from casual dress to executive suits. Avoid comedy logos – or anything with advertising on them. Real men keep it simple!

Anything we have missed? Let us know in the comments section below!