Erectile Dysfunction Help; What Is ED, Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction, Medical Treatments & Lifestyle Changes For Reduced Impotence

It’s time to get serious and talk about our healthcare concerns. It’s all too obvious that us men are using the power of the internet to gain valuable information on our health concerns and you know what? We’re ok with that.

What’s really important is that the internet isn’t used to replace a healthcare provisional, instead is used to gain a stronger understanding of our health and obtaining tips & lifestyle hacks to live a healthier lifestyle.

As an ageing population, there are certain health concerns that are becoming more prominent, with Erectile Dysfunction (also known as ED or impotence) being one of them.

This article is going to focus on helping you gain a stronger understanding of Erectile Dysfunction (and hopefully a stronger erection too!), what treatments are available to buy and 8 ways to help you deal with impotence. So lets start with the basics:

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Simply put, ED is the medical term for not being able to either attain or maintain an erection of the penis for sexual satisfaction. Interesting, it doesn’t just relate to sexual intercourse as we’re led to believe, it covers intercourse and any type of sexual activities.

Erectile Dysfunction is perceived to be a physical problem, whilst technically on paper it is, there are also huge mental implications too. From lack of self-esteem in a relationship; for the partner they feel that they aren’t able to please you and for the sufferer there is a huge embarrassment and consciousness associated with erectile dysfunction, ‘are they going to go elsewhere for sex’ for example.

A massive amount of men suffer with this problem, so it really shouldn’t be a big issue at all – over 30 million American’s are impacted with ED on a regular basis but all men will have been affected at least once in their lifetime.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Only recently have there been developments in the way medical professionals approached the issue. Doctors brushed the issue off as a byproduct of ‘just getting older’ but we’re pleased to say that this mentality has definitely shifted.

Simply put, whilst the odd instance of ED is common, long term suffering needs a medical intervention as erectile dysfunction could be a symptom of something else. It’s always best to get it checked out!

It is hypothesised that there are different factors associated with the onset of the condition in younger men compared to that of older men:

Erectile Dysfunction in younger men: For men below the age of 50, it is believed that the root cause of erectile dysfunction is due to your state of mind. For example, anxiety and stress can have a negative impact on your ability to gain an erection. These mental pressures could be due to problems in a relationship, stress from work or in your personal life, sexual fears or trauma from an historic event. As we said previously, erectile dysfunction could be a symptom of something else, like a mental health problem for example, therefore a visit to your GP could get your on the right track to recovery.

Erectile Dysfunction on older men: I don’t think that it will come as a shock to anyone that ED in men is mainly due to physical inefficiencies in the body. There are multiple blood vessel diseases which develop as we get older such as atherosclerosis and diabetes which affect arteries which carry blood to organs & tissue. These diseases can inhibit blood flow to several parts of the body, with the penis included. If blood isn’t getting to the penis then an erection won’t happen, as an erect penis is just a penis filled with more blood vs. a flaccid penis.

There are veins found in the penis which inhibit blood from leaving the penis, helping you to maintain an erect penis for a prolonged period of time. Another cause of ED is having faulty veins in the penis, resulting in the rush of blood to the penis leaving straight away through the veins.

Both of the above are known as vascular processes which are controlled by the nervous system within the brain. As the brain is a complex organ, neither we or many online publications can tell you the exact cause of your ED, therefore we recommend speaking to your GP to get to the bottom of it. For example, other medication you’re taking could be interfering with the vascular process of gaining an erection.

There are also other causes of erectile disfunction that can affect men of all ages, such as hormonal imbalances, excess alcohol, tobacco and marijuana consumption. A healthier lifestyle can help with a hole host of different health problem, erectile dysfunction included.

Treatment Available For Erectile Dysfunction

It’s only recently that bedroom problems moved out of the bedroom and into the media, raising awareness; thanks to drug commercials, developments in treatments being publicised and endorsements from experts and people in the public eye.

With so many people suffering with impotence, we’re really proud that the subject is now a problem that doctors are proud to treat.  It’s treatable at any age and the good news for you is that many men who have undergone treatment returned to normal sexual activity. 3

Up until recently, treatments for Erectile Dysfunction were fairly limited to prescription only. There was nothing you could really buy from your chemist, it was all through your doctor.

Viagra was previously a prescription only medicine which has now been authorised down to a pharmacy medicine, which means they can be prescribed by a pharmacist. Whilst there a multiple different treatments available through a urologist, such as vacuum devices, counseling and surgical implants, it may be worth giving giving your local chemist a visit.

Viagra Connect

Viagra connect is the first ED treatment available without a prescription from your GP in the UK for men aged 18 or older. The main ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil which gives Viagra it’s mode of action.

Viagra connect works by increasing blood flow to the penis by relaxing blood vessels in the penis, helping a man to gain an erection, hard enough for sex. Contrary to popular believe, viagra connect wont give you an instant erection, as you need to be sexually aroused for the drug to work. After sex, your erection will go away as it would normally.

Viagra connection is clinically proven to treat 3 issues of ED; obtaining and maintaining an erection and the hardness of an erection.

As Viagra connect is now more accessible to men, it should make it more convenient for men to treat their ED.

You can buy Viagra connect from Boots for under and .

How To Naturally Improve Your Changes Of Gaining An Erection

The good news is that the pharmacist or the GP isn’t the only person who can help improve your chances of gaining an erection. You can do it yourself naturally and here’s how:

Go easy on the alcohol 

Alcohol is a known depressant of the nervous system, meaning it inhibits the body’s natural reflexes which is the opposite of what you want for arousal.

Even a few drinks can result in a flop. Over time, alcohol can result in an hormonal imbalance in the body, throwing the bodies natural processes out of sync. Not only this, alcohol can can result in liver damage which in the long term, can increase the amount of oestrogen in the body, a hormone found in high concentrations in women.

Avoid high cholesterol foods

Cholesterol has been heavily linked to vascular diseases for many years. As the penis is a vascular organ, a high cholesterol diet can clog your arteries, negatively affecting blood flow to the penis. Not only should this improve your chances of an erection, but it would also have great health benefits for the whole body.

Stub it out

Smoking it bad for your health, we all know that! But, did you know it was bad for your erection too? Nicotine has been found to result in a 23% reduction in sexual arousal which then impacts your ability to gain an erection.

Go easy on coffee to help you relax more

As we mentioned previously, mental health problems such as anxiety, stress and nervousness is one of the lead causes of erectile disfunction in young men. A relaxed frame of mind is crucial to maintaining an erection. Mental health problems can inhibit you gaining an erection as the brain prioritises blood flow for the bodies fight or flight response, favouring your muscles over your penis.

So why is coffee so important? Caffeine is an mental stimulant, the opposite of being relaxed. It’s important to be relaxed during sex, whereas we know caffeine is designed to have the opposite affect and can lead to nervousness and the feeling of anxiety.

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