Eone Bradley Timepiece Review – Revolutionising The Modern Timepiece

A watch is possibly the most important fashion statement a man will make and often one of the biggest investments he will make in his lifetime, aside from a car and a home. When it comes to a man’s work wardrobe, he’s often restricted to a suit or shirt and trousers if he’s lucky. However, this combined with a premium watch will make all the difference and make him stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.

We were lucky enough to ‘test drive’ the Eone Bradley Timepiece for a while around the office and we can confirm that the watch definitely stood out. We can’t tell you the amount of times people stopped mid-conversation to ask about the watch and get a closer look. Just like any fashion item, you want people to admire it and be envious about the fact you’re wearing it and not them.

Eone Bradley Watch Review

Eone has a huge variety of watch designs within their Bradley range and we were lucky enough to try out the Bradley Classic and the Bradley Mesh Black. The classic to rock around the office and the mesh to wear for a casual, weekend look.

What makes the Eone Bradley, pronounced ‘e1’, stand out is the modern take on a timeless accessory. The majority of watches use traditional watch hands, where the direction of each hand indicate the time, whereas the Eone Bradley use a magnetic design in conjunction with 2 metal ball bearings to pinpoint the time. One metal ball represents the hour, on the side of the watch, with a second ball indicating the minutes on the top of the watch face.

This modern take on a watch design was created with the visually impaired in mind. Telling time shouldn’t require sight and the Eone Timepieces change the way people interact with time, allowing the users to physically touch and feel time. Eone refer to their range as timepieces, instead of watches, since the Bradley doesn’t require eyesight to tell time.

The watches use Swiss quartz movement mounted to 2 magnets that move the ball bearings around the watch face in recessed, separate tracks; one of the minute and one for the hour.

Eone Bradley Classic Review

Eone Bradley Classic Timepiece

The Bradley classic is a modern take on a timeless, classic watch design. The Italian leather wristband with detailed stitching makes the minimalist face of the Bradley pop out on the wrist.

The Bradley classic is a great watch to wear around the office as it looks great when combined with a shirt for a casual workwear look and like we said before, straight away stands out on the wrist because it’s so different to a traditional watch.

You can pick up the Classic from Eone’s own website for £299, a bargain when you consider the amount engineers, innovation and creativity that went into designing a watch than can literally transform people’s lives.

One added benefit is that you can find out the time without looking at your watch, great for if you have company and don’t want to seem rude by looking at your watch to see what time it is.

Eone Bradley Mesh Black Review

Eone Bradley Mesh Black

The stainless steel mesh design of the strap makes it a great timepiece for a casual look. One for the weekend in our opinion, as it looks great when supported with a pair of jeans, t-shirt and trainers. Can also look great for a night out with a long-sleeve shirt.

The strap is adjustable so can cater any wrist size and can be yours for £309 direct from Eone themselves.

Overall, we love the Eone Bradley Timepieces and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a new watch, different to any kind of watch they already have. The timepieces are a great conversation starter and have a great story about why the modern design is so impactful and different.

The Bradley is a great everyday watch for someone who is looking for a watch for work or just a watch to finish off a casual look for the weekend or evening. Check out Eone’s full range of Bradley timepieces here.