Do’s & Don’t For Thinning Hair In Men

You know the drill. Your morning hair styling routine of combing and styling your hair result in more and more strands of hair in the sink. Thinning hair in men sucks!

Before you know it, your hair has become thin in some areas, or perhaps your scalp is already beginning to become visible. The visible results of hair-loss can be extremely traumatic for many men, since it will not only affect your physical appearance, but will serve as a continuous reminder that you’re getting older.

If your hair is not as thick as it used to be, there are some styling techniques and styling products that you can use to keep your hair looking thicker and fuller at any age.

We all know the confidence and buzz a new haircut can give us, we feel great after a visit to the barbers. The principle is the same for reversing the signs of hair loss, better in fact. We wouldn’t be surprised if you go out and do something crazy from the new found confidence you’ll have, like buying a new car, pursuing a new career or skydiving for example!

Do’s & Don’t For Thinning Hair In Men

Do’s For Thinning Hair In Men

1. Correct Products

Firstly, avoid styling gels that will only serve to matte hair together and accentuate baldness. Opt instead for texturing lotions and creams that will add fullness and volume to your style. The new JF Man lifting styling range are a perfect range of products that can give your hair some lift.

2. All Day Hacks

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that you can just leave in your hair and let it do the work for you?

Another good choice in styling products is a leave-in conditioner that can make your hair fuller and more textured. Try the ArtNaturals Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner, the Argan Oil based Leave-In Conditioner is a simple, convenient way to deep-condition and restore hair at home while promoting healthy growth.

3. Embrace Your Hair Loss

Prince William shaves hair to embrace his hairloss

Thinning hair doesn’t have to send you reaching for the trimmer or asking your barber to just cut it off.


However, some men do find that at a certain point on their hair loss journey that shaving their heads seem to take the pressure off. Take Prince William for example, he decided to embrace his hair loss and opt for a number 1 trim all over.


Cutting your hair off is a perfectly good way, and to be honest the easiest way, to embrace your hair loss and a lot of men can look better with shorter hair than they do with long, thinning hair.

4. Blow Dry For Volume & Texture

Volume and texture are most definitely the buzzwords of choice when it comes to styling a head of hair that is thinner than it used to be.

Blow drying can help you to achieve more volume and texture but if you are not the type of guy to blow dry your hair (if not, you should consider it), a natural look can be achieved as long as you keep your hair on the shorter side.

As a rule, shorter hair looks more volumised with more texture as long hair can way down the hair, making it look flat and lifeless.

Don’ts For Thinning Hair In Men

What not to do if your hair is thinning or balding is far more important than what you can do.

1. Don’t Be The Punchline

Do not, we repeat, do not try the comb over technique to hide that bald spot. You know what we are talking about, if not see it for yourself below.

Long strands of hair are used to hide the bald spots by combing the strands over.

This look has been the source of numerous jokes over the years, primarily because it rarely achieves the look that you are hoping for.

The strands are rarely sufficient or thick enough to cover the thinning/balding area that you want to cover, and the look actually draws attention to the exact spot that you are trying to hide.

Instead, go a shorter hair style that naturally gives you lots of volume (as discussed above), and you will achieve a look that is masculine and styling, rather than ridiculous and comical.

2. Stress Yourself Out

The visible signs of hair loss and thinning hair are enough to stress anyone out, so don’t let it! We know it is easier said than done, but it is really important to live a keep stress to a minimum. Not just stressing about your hair loss but stress in general will only harm your goals for a full head of hair.

High stress leads to extended periods of high cortisol levels. While the Adrenal Glands are busy making extra cortisol, they make less of the hormones that support healthy hair growth. Daily exercise, laughter and getting a good nights sleep will all help to reduce stress. Failing that, you have our permission to book a holiday and lounge on a beach for 2 weeks!

3. Forget To Care For Your Hair

It’s really important to maintain good hygiene or a grooming routine when it comes to your hair. Even more so when your hair is balding or thinning.

Processes which damage your hair will only make your hair loss worse. For example, dying your hair should be avoided as the chemicals physically damage the properties of the hair.

Also, you should be combing your hair everyday to maintain a strong grooming routine. For example, if you let your hair matte together then this could possibly pull more hairs out, which is the opposite of you we want.

Thinning hair in men is an unfortunate part of ageing and sometimes women in fact. However, it doesn’t have to mean the end of an attractive, virile way of life.  In fact, many women find bald men attractive, consider Sean Connery or Bruce Willis, for example.

Overall, it’s the most important think you can do when it comes to hair loss is to come to terms with it. Worrying or panicking over your thinning hair every time you go out can result in stress which can often speed up the hair loss process. Consider changing your hairstyle, speak to your barber about it for some more expert advice.