Don’t Panic Buy This Christmas – Gifts For The Whole Family From Jo Malone

With there being only 4 days left until Christmas, today being the 21st of December, you can almost feel an air of panic fall across the country for all the people, or should we say men, who have left their Christmas shopping to the last minute.

We constantly say that every year we’re not going to leave it until this late but we still manage to find ourselves running around a shopping centre in sheer panic from the lack of gifts we’ve got left to buy on the last week before Christmas.

When left to the last minute, it can be all too easy to go into one single shop and panic buy, adding loads of items into your basket that deep down you know won’t get the “oh my god’ moment you’re dying to achieve when exchanging gifts at Christmas – a LYNX or Dove gift set just doesn’t cut it for the close members of your family anymore. Again, we tell ourselves every year that we’re going to get a really good gift and not leave it to the last minute.

For those that are currently in that situation again, we have a simple solution for you – Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a premium brand that will create that instant wow factor when these gifts are opened and what’s better is that you can cover the whole families gifts in just one visit, theres a gift for everyone. Meaning you wont have to panic buy with poor gifts anymore.

Gifts From Jo Malone For The Whole Family

Gifts For Her

Jo Malone have so many gifts available for the women in your life, whether it be your mum, girlfriend, wife or grandma. Any gift received will be highly appreciated by any of them, trust us when we say that they will know about how premium the products are.

Jo Malone have a great gifting inspiration page to help you find a gift for her. With over 20 different gift set to choose from, ranging from under £50 to £200 plus, you’re bound to find a gift for every women.

Our favourite? Well our favourite has to be the Pampering and indulgent set below. Any indulgent bathing gift is great present for Christmas, even more so when it’s coming from a man. Whether it be for our mums or partners, it’s a great way to counteract all the stress us men typically cause the female species.

Jo Malone Pampering & Indulgent Gift Set

The set includes a Red Roses Bath Oil (200ml) and a Red Roses Body Crème (175ml).

Gifts For Him

Guys can be quite difficult to buy for at Christmas, even us men don’t know what we want for Christmas, so good luck to anyone trying to figure it out for us.

Fragrance is always a relatively safe bet when it comes to buying gifts for men, hence why fragrance is so popular at Christmas. However, we for one, are starting to become bored with the standard mass male fragrances out on the market. There often really over powering and strong, that trend has gone. Now it’s all about the suitable, intriguing scents.

The below Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense (100ml) is a great choice for any close male in the family for example your Dad, brothers or even partners. The cologne smells great, something different to what their probably used to. The gift also says in a simple gesture that you respect and care about them too, as it comes across like you’ve thought long and hard about what to get them as you haven’t simply gifted something they receive every year anyway – even if this isn’t the case.

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

Gifts For The Home

A gift for the home can be a great present for anyone who you live with, such as your wife/husband or partner. It’s something you can both share together and are often the most cherished gifts. We believe there is something great about a shared gift seeing as Christmas is ultimately the most selfless time of the year. It’s also something that can be enjoyed all year round and isn’t simply for Christmas.

A great example of a gift for the home is a candle. Pretty much every household in the country enjoy the benefits of a candle and theres an obvious reason for it. They can be romantic, relaxing and great for creating a vibe in the room.

A great choice of candle has to be the London Pomegranate Noir Home Candle, 200g, pictured below. It scent is a great addition to any home and has been described as being able to fill the room with the scent in just minutes. As un-macho as candles can be, more men are purchasing this candle as a gift for their partners just so they can enjoy the fragrance.

Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Home Candle, 200g

There you have it, all gifts covered in one store visit that the family will genuinely love – no evidence of a panic buy that everyones expecting of us again this year.

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