Don’t Let It Embarrass You, Pass That Gas

Be honest with yourself. We all get gas sometimes. It’s a natural part of life, except when it’s not. If you have the embarrassing problem of trapped gas or bloating all the time, it can get in the way of socializing, your love life, and feeling confident. But you can take control of your body again and pass that gas like a natural man.

The Main Culprits

Trapped gas is often caused by building up way too much gas. There are a lot of ways to do this but perhaps the most obvious way is by eating too many gassy foods. Carbonated drinks and sugary alcohols are some of the most common culprits. We know that beans and whole grains play this role regularly too. But there are some unexpected culprits, too, such as dairy, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus, and even onions. These are all an important part of a balanced diet but you’ll see a lot of gas issues if you’re eating too much.

Control Your Diet

It’s not just what you eat that matters but how you eat it as well. Our body has its own clock and when we get in the way of that, it messes up how we deal with food. Tailor your diet and eat regular meals instead of whenever you feel a little hungry. Eat your food slowly, chewing it well. Digestion begins with mastication, so falling short in that step makes it harder for the rest of your body. Try to only eat in relaxed settings, as well. Stress and tension shut down the digestive system, leading to buildups of gas.

Breathe Free

It’s not all about food, however. It’s also about how we breathe. One food that doesn’t cause gas naturally but leads to a build-up in a roundabout way is chewing gum. When chewing gum, we tend to suck in more air, which leads to that build-up even though gum isn’t necessarily gassy. A lot of men suffer gas because they work out a lot, too. This isn’t a natural causation, but rather it’s because many people don’t breathe properly when exercising.

When It Might Be Something Else

If trapped wind, bloating, or excessive gas comes with other symptoms it might be something else. If you regularly suffer from constipation, stomach pains, or cramps, it might be that you have IBS. Educate yourself on IBS symptoms and treatment if that’s the case. Introducing probiotics, avoiding triggers, and treating your symptoms could make it a lot easier to live with. Many experiences of IBS are individual, however, so you might need to start looking at foods that make it worse for you in particular, not just the most obvious culprits. If you are concerned about IBS and the often-made statement that’s “incurable”, don’t worry. It doesn’t progressively get worse and it’s very controllable. Sometimes it can settle down on its own over a period of years, too.

Whether you can control your gas issues or get rid of them entirely, you’re going to be feeling a lot more confident. Don’t sit on the fence about it just because it’s an embarrassing issue to deal with. Take care of it and free yourself.

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