How To De-stress On Your Day Off

Few of us have the right work-life balance, and on top of the everyday stresses of home living, life can become overwhelming. Give yourself time to recuperate by dedicating a day purely to de-stressing. Here are a few methods and activity ideas sure to get you feeling fresh, refocused and rejuvenated.

Hit The Gym

Starting the morning with some heavy exercise is the best way to release endorphins and set your body and mind up for the day. If you have a gym membership, plan out a heavy session, giving yourself some clear goals. Remain on maximum speed on the treadmill for an extra minute, swim another length or go up an extra weight on the leg press. If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can exercise at home or go out for a jog. You can even use exercises to transform mundane routine tasks into rewarding exercise such as jogging down to the shops, or incorporating lunges into hovering.

Spa Treatment

Having spent the beginning of your day exercising, it’s now to time to relax your mind and body completely. Booking a Thai massage may be the best way of letting your mind and body escape. There are all kinds of alternative spa treatments available from acupuncture to kooky treatments such as beer massages. Choose the treatment that is certain to zone you out, giving your body and mind the rest it deserves.  

Tech-free Day

On average, we spend more of our lives staring at a screen than sleeping. If we’re not using a computer for work, we’re playing around on our smartphone or watching TV. Having a tech-free day might give your eyes the chance to relax and your mind the chance to refocus on the things that matter.

Switch Up Your diet

If you regularly eat unhealthy foods and snacks, dedicate your day off to living organically. Cook all your own meals from scratch – you’ll immediately feel the reward. Alternatively, if you’re already a strict health freak, your day off should be a chance to release yourself, so dedicate it to binging on the foods and drinks you love. Give your brain the chemical from food it’s been wanting all this time, whether it’s nutrients from healthy food or dopamine from unhealthy food.

Unleash Your Creativity

Give your mind a break from the structured environment of work and the boredom of daily routine by unleashing your creative side into a personal passion of yours. This could anything from writing a song to doing a DIY project to getting inventive with a meal – whatever you’re curious and motivated by. Partaking in creative activities helps free your mind and is believed to ward off depression and mental degenerative diseases. Give yourself a personal project and dedicate enough time so that you can complete it without distraction. You may be able to get a partner or kids involved, or you may prefer your own personal space to get stuck into your own imagination.