Dating Tips: 3 Tips To Looking Your Best On A First Date

Have you got a big first date coming up? Check out these three tips on how to look good for it:

Style Your Hair

A big part of any man’s look will be his hair. A different hairstyle can be the difference between a good and bad look. If you’re going on a date, you want to make a good impression, visually. So, you don’t want to turn up with bed head! My advice is to spend a bit of time styling your hair and working with different looks. Find a style that suits your hair type and improves your overall look.

It might even be an idea to get a haircut in the lead up to your date. A fresh trim can make a lot of difference to how someone looks. It can take you to the next level and make you look a lot better.

Fix Up Your Smile

One thing you need to work on is your smile. If you have a nice smile, women will find you far more attractive. No matter how well groomed you are, if you’ve got yellow, horrible, teeth, it can make you look bad. The trick is to make sure your teeth are looking perfect. Brush your teeth twice a day and make sure you’re using an electric toothbrush. You can find the best ones by checking out toothbrush reviews online. If you have a good brush for your teeth, then they’re going to be cleaner and more white. Also, think about using teeth whitening strips in the build up to your big date. This can make them pearly white and stand out!

Also, smile naturally. Never force a smile, it can look even worse. Usually, if someone makes you smile, your face will smile out of reflex. If you have to force smiles, maybe the person isn’t right for you.

Choose The Right Outfit

Arguably the most important thing is what you wear on your date. The main thing to consider here is suitability. Is your outfit suitable for the date you’re going on? If you’re going for a fancy meal, you’ll want to dress a little fancy. Put on a smart shirt and some shoes so you look smarter. Obviously, don’t go overboard and put on a proper tuxedo! Likewise, if you’re just going for a casual coffee date, you can wear things that are more casual. If you dress super smart for a casual date, it can give off the impression that you’re trying too hard.

Spend some time, at home, trying on different outfits before your date. It’s quite funny, actually, you usually associate this type of thing with women! But, men have to try on outfits too, to make sure they look good. Everything has to work together, from your top right down to your shoes. I wouldn’t recommend you wear accessories, like glasses, unless you have to. Sometimes you see guys wearing quirky glasses just because they look cool. But, it’s just silly if you don’t actually need to wear glasses for your sight!

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