Crazy And Creative Ways To Kick Your Smoking Habit

Smokers love a cigarette, but they also want to quit. That is a bit of a catch-22 situation if ever there was one. The problem with quitting is that you can’t just do it at the drop of a hat. And, the conventional options are a little bit boring. Plus, they take quite a lot of effort and energy to reach your final target. If none of this sounds like a good idea, you need an alternative. You need a way to kick your habit that is both creative and effective in equal measure. Luckily for you, there are several of them to choose from below.

Bury The Goods

Probably the most extreme and effective measure is to bury your cigarettes in the garden. That way, you have to dig them up, take out a cigarette, and bury them again for your fix. To be honest, that is too much hard work for the most ardent addict. Of course, you can still nip down to the store and buy a fresh pack. But, if you can avoid the temptation, burying your cigarettes is a neat little trick.

Jump Out Of A Plane

Come again? No, seriously, this is a viable option. One proven technique to quit smoking is to replace your addiction with exercise. Your body creates adrenaline when you exercise, and that courses around your body. The rush is something that most addicts can use to ‘get high’ instead of puffing on a cigarette. And, what is the best way to get an adrenaline rush? That’s right – jumping out of a plane. You can also participate in a bungee jump or go swimming with sharks if you prefer. As long as you get a kick out of your activity, you will have more chance of not smoking again.

Start Vaping

There is nothing more creative in the world of cigarettes than an electronic cigarette. The fact that you can get your daily hit without smoking a white and orange soldier of death is pretty astonishing. And, you can plug it into the mains and recharge it and everything. What a world! It is important to remember that you still fuel your addiction with vaping products as US made vape juice uses nicotine. But, you do get a much healthier experience because there is no tar or harmful chemicals. Although it isn’t quite jumping out of a plane, it is still quite cool. It is also very modern.

Still not convinced? Go over sites like this where almost everything about vaping is discussed, and you will know why a lot of smokers have made the big switch.

Fine Yourself

If you are competitive and have friends that want to quit, impose a fine into the equation. Make it a hefty fine and the financial incentive should stop you from smoking. If you are broke and competitive, this method works a treat.  You also need honesty because you are only cheating yourself. For those of you that don’t like this option, still try and quit with your friends. At the least, you should benefit from the competitive edge of not wanting to be the person to buckle.

Smokers can find it much easier to quit when they start thinking outside of the box.