The Comprehensive Guide To The Best Stag Send Off Possible

The stag do is going to be the biggest party most men can expect to have in their life. It’s a celebration of a big event and a send-off to a man leaving the ‘wolf pack’. So you want to make it almost dangerously fun. You also want to make sure you take care of the groom and stop the weekend ending in disaster. As a best man, it’s your duty to be the brains of the operation. Here’s what you need to sort out.

Who you invite

First, we deal with the people of the matter. You have to liaise with the groom when it comes to people to invite. He may have old uni mates or colleagues you don’t know, so keep him involved. You should also help him decide whether or not he should invite them. Some guys will be against inviting older men but they can have just as much fun on stag weekends as you. However, the father of the bride is one that needs a bit more consideration. Do you want him to see his future son-in-law in that kind of state? Obviously, if the groom decisively wants them there, then that’s the last say on the matter.

The organizing

There are going to be a lot of things that need put together well in advance. Brainstorm destinations and activities between members of the wedding party. With contribution, perhaps, from some other mates. When you need to count numbers and get confirmation, a Facebook group can be the best way to do it. However, these groups can get messy with banter. So, state in your message that people should get back to you individually. You also need to think about practical considerations for the group. If there are a lot of you, it can be a poor idea to go wandering for food in the morning after a night out. Instead, use tools that can help you find easy options like all-you-can-eat buffets. Do your research on the location you’re hitting up.

Be the banker

One aspect of the stag that’s going to need a very close organizing eye is the money involved. Let the guys sort out their own travel. But accommodation needs to be done as a collective. If you’re going to a football match in the morning or arranging other activities, you also need the whole sum for that. So, again, get confirmation of everyone who will be participating and give them the details of how to get you the money. If you’re using bank deposits, then ensure they’re using references so you can identify where the money is coming from. Then put together a party planning Excel sheet. Create a column where you can tick off those who have been informed. Then another column to tick off when you receive payment from them.

Skip the strippers

Let’s hit on one of the most deeply deliberated points of a stag do first. There will be thoughts, maybe even some expectation, of stopping off at a strip club on one of the nights. It’s a tradition that’s not really much of a tradition. As many men skip the club as visit it. For good reason, too. They are usually a very expensive addition to an already expensive event. There will also be plenty of awkwardness in regards to the stag’s experience. Particularly if there are family members there. Some embarrassment is fun, but strip clubs tend to add an awkward overtone to the rest of the night that’s better skipped.

Take a trip

A big (but very worthwhile) part of those expenses might be taking a trip away for the stag do. There are a few ways to do it. If the stag crew is on the smaller end, you can pool your money together and have a road trip. Or you can spend more and take flights. Just make sure you do your research on the destination. Have some plans of what you can see, what to do and where you can drink. More importantly, know what you’re getting into regarding costs. Research the average prices of things before you land. No-one wants to be stuck abroad with no money left.

Play dangerously for a night

If you want to add some high stakes to the night, then indulging in some risky games can be a lot of fun. A lot of lads will hit up casinos or arrange gambling trips. Before you do, just make sure that people have the money to spend. You can cut down the costs by arranging your own gambling party. Get all the guys into the same online casino. You’ll spend less buying booze from the bar and it’s a lot easier to drag someone from their mobile than out the doors of an establishment. Of course, if you really want to keep the spirits high, then keep winning. Read tips on How to Become a Millionaire

to pick up strategies on repeatedly profiting from casinos.

Add some (non-monetary) stakes

The idea of adding a bit of risk to the night is a recipe for high-spirited fun. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve losing or winning money, however. Instead, add that risk in the form of a long-running drinking game. One of the best is the rule-based game of Buffalo. It always starts with the same rule. No drinking with your right hand. As the night goes on, you add more rules (if you can remember them). When someone is spotted breaking a rule, those who spot it shout ‘buffalo.’ The other has to pin the drink. It’s raucous and loud. And also a lot of fun. Just make sure to take care of someone who looks like they might be losing the game a little too hard.

Have an epic night in

If you want drunken revelry, you don’t have to set foot outside your door to have it. With bigger groups, sometimes it’s better just to organize a big night in. Have low stakes, high energy poker tournaments. Make cocktails. Order in some greasy food. It’s a lot less expensive than a night out and it’s also a lot better for facilitating a great social experience. Big parties don’t need the addition of other people and a DJ playing songs you all hate. Get to know one another and be stupid as you like in the boundaries of your own space. It’s better to stick to a holiday rental home for these kinds of shenanigans. Try to keep a lid on the physical ruckus, as well. You don’t want to damage any property and end up paying.

Get competitive

We all know that with a bunch of guys together, that need for confrontation and competition is going to be strong. So ride with it and make it a part of the plans. Organize a competitive activity outside of a potential drunken poker game. For stag dos, the best activities are the most physically exhilarating. Nothing quite as fun as shooting your friends with paint. Or leaving them in your dust on a go-kart track. Sure, the winner might be an insufferable braggart for the rest of the trip. But then everyone gets to band together and make fun of him for it later, too.

The mandatory stupidity

It’s a stag, so it’s not going to be a straight-laced affair. Keep the silliness on a positive, good natured level by planning it yourself. Guys will likely get themselves into embarrassing situations, so at least make them ones that they can laugh at. For example, putting everyone on the same level of cringe by arranging stupid costumes. For the groom, you have to go just a level further, of course. The French maid outfit is a common and very effective choice. Animal head masks (perhaps a horse or a dolphin) are going to take it to just another level of absurdity. Just be aware that you might very well be turned from some clubs in that kind of dress.

Take care of the stag (and his thoroughly unreliable mates)

As we have said, things are likely to get messy. You can be the sensible head of a stupid weekend, but you need a bit of collective effort involved, too. Keep everyone safe and stop the night from taking a nasty tone by getting someone involved in a fight or going to the hospital. Keep the group together and make sure everyone is accounted for. The best way to do that is by setting up a ‘buddy’ system. In smaller parties, keeping pairs to look after one another is a safe bet. In bigger groups, separate them into ‘cohorts’ of three or four. Before you move on, every group needs to have all their members.

Have fun, but take care. Things can get messy on stag do weekends. Sometimes, you need to take one for the team and hold back a bit just to make sure everything goes smoothly. That way, you can rest assured you’re creating (foggy) memories your mate will cherish for a long time.

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