Christmas Gift Ideas For Men 2019

The countdown to Christmas 2019 is well underway and so is the panic to find the best Christmas gift ideas for men. Each day we get closer to Christmas eve, the more excited we should get as the inner child in us all comes out. But for those stuck for ideas on what gifts to buy, the closer we get the more anxious and scrooge like we get!

Buying for a man can be hard, so allow us to take some of the stress away with our Christmas gift ideas for men, based on the kind of man he is.

Does he have a beard? Then check out our gift ideas for men with beards.

Is he into his designer brands? Then check out our gift ideas for a man that knows his Primark from his Prada.

Our recommendation is to go for something sentimental, fun or a gift you know he will use and enjoy. Our gift guide for men is full with gift ideas to help you find him the perfect gift in no time at all!

2019 Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

1) Presents For Guys With Beards

One of the things that makes buying gifts for a guy so hard is the inability to know what they like or what they’re into. Men are often the hardest to buy for, a real nuisance when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays. Because they’re so hard to buy for, it kind of makes you want to find that perfect gift even more, doesn’t it?

Well, for guys with beards, it should be pretty obvious what he’s into due to the large mass of hair on his face. All bearded guys would appreciate some grooming products for their beards, as believe it or not, beards take quite a lot of up-keep.

By now you should know that the perfect beard doesn’t just grow over night, they need love, care and attention. So check out all the gift ideas that will help your bearded pal give his beard just that.

2) Gift Inspiration For Guys That Love Fragrance

We’re a generation that loves to do 2 things; live our lives through our smart phones and smell great. Whilst we can’t find you a smart phone for under £50, we can certainly help you find a fragrance he will love this Christmas for that price.

Whether you’re after some reassurance that the fragrance you’ve got planned is the right one through one of our reviews or are looking to help him discover a new aftershave for Christmas 2019, we’ve got a selection of fragrances that we’ve reviewed ourselves in our Men’s Fragrance gift guide.

3) Gift Ideas For Tech Savvy Guys

Everyone’s after the next best gadget to gift this Christmas. With most of us turning to the standard, largely hyped up gadgets, you’re sure not to catch him off guard and surprise him this Christmas. It’s time to think outside the box.

See our gadget gift guide to help find a gift that will put a big smile on his face!

4) Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Guys

Perfect for secret Santa or just a little something to boast up the pile of presents. Our stocking filler gift guide for men has a wide range of products from the perfect fragrance to something to keep him dry.

Be Inspired This Christmas With Our Christmas Gift Ideas For Men!