Choosing A Gym Partner: The Weight Of Choice

Some people like to paddle their own canoe, while others simply need a push from others in order to stay on top of their game. If you fall under the latter category, you have a tough decision to make. The person standing above you at the bench press could be the key piece of “equipment” you require, which is to say that the choice of the partner is paramount. You need someone who can push you harder without jeopardising your health, and motivate without looking down on you.

The Peculiarities Of Teamwork

One of the most important aspects in partnerships is the matter of fitness goals. If they do not match, then there is no point in embarking on a journey together. Why would you train with somebody seeking to pack on mean muscles when your objective is to slim down and tone your body? Another crucial consideration is the fitness level of both you and your partner. As a general rule of thumb, they do not have to be exactly the same, as long as you aspire to achieve the same goals.

A more experienced person can teach you a lot, but unless you are prepared to step up, you are only going to weigh them down. Determination and perseverance are necessary virtues for those who mean business. When the other person is not motivating you and positively influencing your mood, you know you have misjudged the thing. The best kind of partner is the one who comes to the gym despite feeling blue or having a ton of other obligations.

A positive attitude matters a great deal. You do not need to dwell in the shadow of someone’s pessimism and let constant moaning ruin your day. A worse thing than raising the stress level is making you doubt your own motivation. Even if you stumble upon someone who is bragging about his big plans, make sure he is a kind of man who knows how to keep his nose to the grindstone.

Partnering Up

Let us return to the question of schedule for a moment because this could pose a major hurdle. Despite managing to agree on time, one of the partners might be a night owl and the other may want to rise and shine each morning. Energy levels and motivation vary from person to person, and are tied to different periods of the day. Ensure that you are both on the same page about this, go on to talk about overall fitness, and see if you endorse the same basic ideas.

Furthermore, your partner should be aware of nutrition principles, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Ask him about sleeping habits, diet, opinion on supplements, etc. The latter topic has become somewhat controversial, but you are better off focusing on hard evidence, not heresy. Supplements are a tool you may and should use in moderation, and trusted manufacturers in the league of Legion Athletics (which I have been using for years) are a safe bet, unlike many others who offer shady products with misleading labels.

At last, the great thing about having a partner is that you can hold each other accountable. What is more, the most productive partnerships nurture a healthy sense of completion. A partner should dare you to improve performance, not trash talk you. You need someone to lift you up when you are down in the doldrums, not push you into a pitfall even further. Where to find that kind of a partner? Since there is no shortage of online and real life avenues for that, we shall leave that part to you.

Stand Together

Lone wolves may disagree, but many people have managed to accomplish their goals and reach physical eminence on dual tracks. Just remember that you must find a person who looks on the bright side of life, is prepared to fight tooth and nail, and will help you go the extra mile when both your mind and body beg for mercy. You have a long row to hoe and need someone capable of supporting you every step of the way. Forge a partnership which stands the test of time, and gets you through all the physical and mental hardships.

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