Change Your Bad Habits Today To Improve Your Life Tomorrow

If you want to make the most out of life, then you need to start making improvements right away. Forget about one last time or starting tomorrow, the best way to ditch old habits is to start now! It’s not going to be easy, but with a strong will, determination and a little help from your friends, there is nothing that can stop you. Ready to change your life for the better and extend your years? Then let’s get started right away.



Quit smoking

Quitting smoking has never been easier since the introduction of e-cigarettes. While we can’t proclaim that they are 100% safe just yet, the scientific world has shown they are far safer than smoking. Put it this way – if you went to your doctor’s surgery tomorrow and told them you had quit the cigs for the electronic version, they would offer their congratulations. Think they would do that if your health was going to get worse? Find an e juice that is suited to your tastes and is strong enough to give you your regular buzz. Then start to drop the nicotine levels and within a month or two you should be on the 0% liquid. And, once you get to that stage, you will have kicked your nicotine habit altogether.


Quit drinking

Alcohol causes harm to more people than any other drug. And not just to the people drinking, either – as this study shows. The booze is also going to prevent you getting into shape, confuse your decisions, and eat away at your brain cells. If you want to be more focused and successful in life, kicking the booze is really going to help. OK, now and then won’t hurt – and in some cases it can actually be good for you. But if you have reached a stage where you are going too hard too often, you need to climb aboard that wagon asap.


Work out

Exercise is going to keep you fitter, healthier and in better shape for longer. Many of us have sedentary jobs these days, spending hours and hours in front of a computer sat down at a desk. That’s not what the human body was designed for. We are supposed to be out hunting and running after wild animals. And once we have caught them, we’re supposed to sling them over our shoulders and carry them home. We need to move quickly to react from potential predators. So the next time you think about exercising, just get up and do it. Cardio, core, and speed is all you need to get started.


Ditch the sugar

There’s no point working out if you’re still stuffing your face with Krispy Kremes. As bad as they are for you, at least they don’t pretend to be anything other than fat, sugar, and stodge. Sugar is everywhere and needs to be avoided – especially the refined stuff. You’ll find sugar in bread, pasta, ready meals, cans of fizzy drink and almost everything you find in your favourite sweet shop. Stick to products that only use cane sugar if you have to get your fix. They are better for you and won’t make you put on as much weight.


Spend time with your loved ones

Mental health issues are a growing concern when it comes to young British men. If you don’t have a solid group of friends and family around you, then find some. We don’t mean the type of friend that you get wasted with every Friday, either. Everybody needs people they can trust and confide in about how they feel. Should the worst happen and you start feeling black, it’s only those people who are going to stick around and help.


Easy, right? Of course not. But starting now will extend your life – and help you enjoy your later years more. Good luck!