Can A Change Of Diet Cure Your Acne?

The health of your skin is a combination of your internal health and the aggression of external factors. For instance, a polluted environment can increase acne outbreaks, as it can increase the risk of clogged up pores. However, you can control to some extend the impact of external factors on your skin with the appropriate facial soap and skin care treatment to clear out your pores. What you might not have considered yet is that you can also manage your acne through the creation of a targeted diet plan. If you are what you eat, then eating right might also change what you look like – and reduce the apparition of annoying spots on your face.

Avoid Dairy Excess Like The Plague

As yummy as dairy products are – assuming that you’ve got not food intolerance issue – the more you consume dairy products, the more likely you are to suffer from an acne outbreak. Indeed, dairy products contain a hormone called IGF-1, which is directly linked to the production of acne in human beings – but if you were a calf, it’d just make you grow strong and big instead. Additionally, the fat contained in dairy products is also linked to an increase in the insulin production, which brings the liver to create more IGF-1. However, you’d be pleased to know that yoghurt and cheese are safe to eat!

Cut Out The Junk Food

Ah, take away from the local curry shop or a yummy burger from your favourite fast food restaurant… Hard to resist, isn’t it? Well, you should because processed food is full of unnatural fat and sugar that cause an acne spike because they can’t be processed by your body. In short, you may enjoy that burger, but it’s nasty on your waistline and your skin health. Junk food is tricky to ditch as it’s extremely addictive.  Wafflemama found a solution in her review of the Shake That Weight diet. She thinks that following this healthy diet for a few weeks can help you to get rid of bad eating habits permanently. It’s an easy way to remove junk food – and acne –  from your life without the cravings!

Eat More Fresh Fruits & Vegs

Your skin needs vitamins to stay healthy. And that doesn’t mean applying the right cream but eating fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, orange-coloured fruits and vegs are full of vitamin A which helps dry excess oil and clear out inflammations. Antioxidants, present in berries and apples, for example, can help get rid of blemish-causing bacteria and consequently prevent acne. And, last but not least, vitamin C, which you can find in citrus fruits and broccoli can help heal acne scarring and nourishing your skin to keep it clear.  

Don’t Fear A High-Fat Diet

You’d be surprised to know that you shouldn’t cut out fat from your diet. In fact, eating more unprocessed fat from plant sources – aka olive oil and nuts – is essential to reduce and prevent acne outbreaks. Indeed, the most successful diet experiments show that replacing some of your carb intake with healthy fat can reduce the production of acne-related hormones. In short, less pasta and more olive oil is the key!

Are you spending too much on your acne treatment at the moment? Try something new instead: get rid of your bad eating habits. It doesn’t cost anything, and it can be extremely rewarding of your skin health and your overall well-being.

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