How To Brush Up On Your Shaving Routine By Picking The Best Shaving Brush For You

Shaving brush

If you want to achieve a barber shop style shave at home, then you should really consider incorporating a shaving brush into your routine.

Shaving brushes help to properly prepare your skin before a shave by making sure your shaving foam is properly and thoroughly distributed across your lower face and by further softening the facial hairs.

A shaving brush can seem pretty pricey but we consider them a great investment, as they can last for years if look after them correctly.

We’ve teamed up with Trendhim, an online accessory and jewellery store for men, to talk you through choosing the right shaving brush for you.

Choosing The Right Shaving Brush

All the things you need to consider when choosing the best shaving brush for you.

  1. Different Shaving Brush Hair Types

The type of experience you get using a shaving brush is greatly dependent on the type of animal hair you choose to opt for in a shaving brush. Each have their positives and negatives and we’ve summarised all the different hair types below:

1. Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

Matte Black Modern Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush

This is the most commonly found variety of shaving brush and what most people opt for. Within the badger hair selection, there is sub-categories of hair type:

Pure – this is usually the cheapest kind as the hairs come from anywhere on the badger. Brushes made with this type of hair tend to be a little stiffer as the hair is trimmed in a certain kind of way. This is great as it also helps to exfoliate your skin whilst you use it, but if you’ve got sensitive skin you might want to go for something a little gentler.

Pure Badger Hair

Best – This type of hair is the next step up from pure. These hairs come exclusively from the badger’s stomach which makes the hairs a little softer.

Best Badger Hair

Super -This hair is the next step up and is softer than ‘best’ and is not at all scratchy on the face.

Super Badger Hair

Silvertip – probably the most luxurious type of shaving brush you can get. The hairs are taken from the neck of the badger which is the softest area. If you are after a super-luxurious shaving experience that almost massages your face, then this is will be the best shaving brush hair type for you.

Silvertop Badger Hair

2. Boar Hair Shaving Brushes

Black Bristle Boar Haired Shaving Brush

Brushes containing boar hair can be extremely coarse on the skin, especially if you’re not used to using this hair type and are using it for the first time.

Boar hair is the best kind of brush to shave with if you use a shaving soap to lather up your face, this type of hair really gets the best results from a small amount of soap. We like to think of the coarse hair working relatively similar to a whisk which lathers up ingredients quite nicely.

3. Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

Classic Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Classic Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Horsehair is slightly softer than boar hair but still not as soft as badger hair, so a great shaving accessory for someone looking for shaving brush that isn’t too coarse or too soft.

Shaving brushes containing horsehair are fairly uncommon nowadays, so you will have to do a bit of searching to get your hands on one. If you’re struggling to get your hands on a horsehair shaving brush then consider a boar shaving brush which are quite easy to buy.

4. Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Rosewood Synthetic Shaving Bursh

Rosewood Synthetic Shaving Brush

Synthetic shaving brushes have significantly improved over the last few years and are relatively comparable to badger hair shaving brushes in terms of softness.

A great shaving brush to choose if you are a vegan or against the use of animal products, as they are PETA-approved. If you are allergic or sensitive to animal hairs then synthtic shaving brushes should be your go to brushes.

Synthetic shaving brushes need less shaving foam/soap and they dry out much quicker compared to natural brushes, great for people who shave daily and hate it when a shaving brush is still soggy from yesterdays shave.

  1. Shaving Brush Hair Length

The length of hair you want on your shaving brush is down to personal preference. A general rule is that the longer the hairs, the softer the shave and the shorter the hairs, the coarser the shave.

If you’ve got more of a sensitive skin type, or just started clean shaving, then consider longer haired shaving brushes, as a coarser shave can aggravate the skin, leaving you pretty red in the face!

  1. Shaving Brush Handle Size

Similar to shaving brush hair length, the handle can be very much dependent on your own personal style/preference.

Shaving brushes handles typically come in wood, metal and polished resin. They also come in a variety of colours and shades so no matter your style, you will be able to find something right for you or your home.

A shaving brush can be a great home accessory to your bathroom too, a lot of interior designers takes inspiration from old-style barber shops and boutiques, they can be dual purpose!

Consider the shape of the handle too, you want something that will feel comfortable in your hand and something that you can get a good grip on. It goes without saying that if you’ve got small hands then dont go for the biggest shaving brush handle you can find!

  1. Ready To Buy?

With so many different shaving brushes out there on the market you should consider all the above points and your skin type when you make your purchase. Think about what you want out of your shave before departing with your cash.

We recommend to start out with a more affordable option to decide whether a shaving brush is right for you as some people can find it uncomfortable or unnecessary. If that turns out to be you, then you wont have wasted too much money.

Also, consider how often you travel, would it make sense to buy a travel model with a lid? A great idea for those who work on the road a lot and have to be clean-shaven for work.

  1. Shaving Brush Aftercare

Don’t be alarmed if your shaving brush sheds hair the first few times you use it. This happens and will stop after around 12 shaves. However, if you want a quick fix to stop the shedding, you can shampoo your brush or comb through the hairs.

If you’ve never used a shaving brush before then it’s really simple. First, run the brush under some warm water and then put some shaving foam or soap into the middle of the brush. Next you want to work your product into a lather, you do this by moving the brush in circular motions across your face. You’re then ready to shave!

P.s. the circular motion of the brush is great for your skin and circulation, not just for shaving!

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