Birthday Beauty Gifts For The Modern Man

The male beauty industry is catching up with the female market at an incredible place. The 2015 Mintel’s report about men’s attitudes to beauty and personal care (BPC) reveals that 25% of male consumers in Brazil spent more time looking after their facial skin than they did in the previous six months, while the percentage of haircare conscious male consumers rose by 29% in a six-month period before the report. Mantel predicts that sales in the male BPC market will grow to $4.6 billion by 2019.

Jake-Jamie Ward, or The Beauty Boy, a British male make-up blogger is extending the boundaries of male beauty industry concept by offering advice on male make-up techniques. In an interview for The Telegraph, he is confident that “bravery will revolutionize the beauty market” and that “it’s just about creating the best possible version of ourselves”.

Organic Beauty

As the number of eco-conscious consumer is constantly on the rise, the organic beauty products market is one of the fastest growing industries. More and more manufacturers are incorporating organic skincare formulas made specifically for men’s skin. If your man would like to green his beauty routine, you can consider an organic body scrub, containing no toxic and GMO ingredients.

Beard care

Daily beardcare routine is not laborious and time-consuming, but it is not as simple as you might think. Help your hirsute gentlemen in styling his beard by getting him a beard kit. He needs a specialized beard soap/shampoo, which prevents stripping the beard of natural oils. Think of a 2 in 1 product, such as the one which is a conditioner and styling cream all at once. Finally, the kit should have a natural beard-oil to make his bear hydrated, but not greasy.

Anti-age Moisturiser

A perfect birthday gift for men in their 30s and 40s is definitely an anti-age moisturizer. Head to Japan and South Korea and their personal care markets as you can find a great number of all-in-one products. Using only natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, tiger nut and licorice, brands, such as Primera and Lissage are known for products firming the skin for youthful appearance, moisturizing and softening it.


Make-up for men, also known as corrective skincare is on its way to create a major impact on the male beauty industry. Opt for a bronzer, containing a sunscreen as it can cover blotchiness, redness and rosacea. For hiding scars, under-eye circles, razor nicks and acne, include a concealer in your gift, as well. A brow liner shaping and filling eyebrows to give them more defined look is one of the essentials.

Spa Treatments

Choose spas and salons catering specifically to men. There are also barber shops offering additional services, including manicure and pedicure for men. These salons are created for your open-minded guy you can surprise with a variety treatments for men, such as a body scrub, a wax-clearing ear candling, a skin-conditioning lactic-acid peel, a detox footbath, a blackhead-extracting facial and a number of the services specifically designed for the back.

Beard Trimmers

Latest trimmers on the market feature LED displayed lengths and 100% waterproof steel blades for achieving perfectly straight lines. You can also look for 3 in 1 systems designed for shaving, trimming and styling. A high-quality trimmer has a host of settings, mounting up to 24 with some models. A battery should be taken into consideration, as well. Some trimmers can run for four hours. Advanced trimmers with its sonic technology adjust the power to the density of the beard.

If your man is not reluctant to use beauty products targeted for men, these 7 recommendations can help you choose a perfect birthday gift. After all, there is no reason why men should not take their body seriously and have fun in the process.

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