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The best time to shower is a common debate that most of us get involved with on a regular basis, some of us go for showering at night whilst the rest of us have the counter argument of showering in the morning . For most of us, it is a decision that is summed up by how much sleep we’re going to lose out on and how busy our schedules are. However, the amount of sleep we receive shouldn’t be the only factor when it comes to this debate, it’s important to consider the affect showering has on our skin, appearance and mind set.

Scientists are yet to come up with a certified conclusion to the classic debate but there are some major benefits associated with both arguments.

Morning Shower?

Skincare & Hygiene

  • People with oily-prone skin should really be aiming to shower in the morning or at least wash their face in the morning with a gentle face wash. This will prevent the build up of natural oils on the face which can blog pores which can result in acne and back heads. However, you should really washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, so I suppose this could be used for the counter argument too.
  • Morning showers are essential to some people as they can’t stand not feeling fresh and clean which they get with their morning shower. They spend all day feeling conscious of what they smell like and if they still have sleep stuck in the corner of their eyes.


  • Showering in the morning wakes some people up faster than a warm cup of coffee would, giving us our much needed morning buzz – some people even go as far as to say they can’t function throughout the day if they haven’t had a morning shower to wake them up the right way.
  • Bit of a strange one, but people tend to look slimmer in the morning compared to in the evening as you can’t eat when you sleep (unless we’re missing out of something?!). So some of us use this opportunity as a great little confidence boost when we check ourselves out before jumping in the shower.


  • Bed hair! Bed hair can be a nightmare and for those with thick hair the only way to ditch this look is to shower, on that reason alone some of us choice to shower in the morning to help us look our best.
  • Showering just before going to bed can cause you to stay awake longer as a change in temperature can disrupt your bodies natural sleep cycle. In order for our bodies to naturally drop off to sleep, our core body temperature needs to drop slightly. This could result in you looking tired in the morning if you were to shower at night, hence why some people prefer showering in the morning to prevent this.

Evening Showers

More Sleep

  • For some of us, the extra minutes in bed we gain from not showering in the morning are crucial for a good day. The thought of getting up 15 minutes earlier to grab a shower is enough to put some of us into a mild state of depression.

Clean Sheets & Acne

  • Showering before bed mens that your are less likely to make your bedding dirty, keeping your sheets fresher for longer. This can be great for those of us who struggle with body acne, as dirty sheets that come into contact with your skin can block pores, resulting in acne as discussed in our body acne tips article.

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to ‘when is the best time to shower’ so we would recommend to just go with what suits you, your skin and your lifestyle. If you notice you can’t sleep very well after showering then try ditching showering at night and opt for the morning instead. Just make sure that when you are showering you are doing in correctly – this includes washing your face with a face wash or an exfoliator (like baxter of californias facial scrub) and using a shower gel strong enough to keep you smelling fresh all day!

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  1. Lots of different points to consider there. I’ve just got over a ten year battle with acne and for me, showering – and more importantly, shaving – in the evening was pretty important to clear my skin. Reason being, when I shower and shave in the evening my skin will only touch a fresh, clean pillowcase for the next eight hours, any shaving irritation heals when I sleep and when I wake up nothing will irritate my skin or make it look any redder. Great post, thanks, Chris P.

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