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70% of men claim to have sensitive skin or have experienced skin sensitivity in the past. Whilst we’ve all got different life hacks or products to help us deal with sensitive skin, shaving is the most skin aggravating grooming exercise a guy can do. Therefore, you need to buy the best men’s razor for sensitive skin, reviewed below.

Whilst the popularity of the beard and reduced work pressures are helping guys to avoid shaving. There’s no way that guys can avoid shaving all together. Think weddings, graduations or other formal occasions that result in men picking up the razor.

As 7 out of 10 men has sensitive skin and experience skin sensitivity when shaving, it’s important to be using the right shaving products. What causes the most skin sensitivity when shaving has to be the razor. This is the most important product to get right to help reduce skin sensitivity.

It’s important to help understand the go to signs of sensitive skin and whether you actually need a razor for sensitive skin.

How To Tell If You Have Sensitive Skin?

The majority of men claim to have sensitive skin. However, there is a still a lack of clarity around the term “sensitive skin”. After all, what does sensitive skin actually mean? Some people’s interpretation of the word is different to others. See how you can tell if you have sensitive skin below.

1. Diagnosed Medical Conditions

Whether these are short-term medical conditions such as sun-burn or allergic reactions to long-term medical conditions such as Eczema or Rosacea, we would recommend to treat your skin as sensitive and therefore to use a razor for sensitive skin.

Man With Sensitive Skin From His Razor

2. Post-Shave Skin Reactions

Noticeable skin reactions from shaving should see your self-diagnosing with sensitive skin. These include skin bumps, rashes, pimples or skin erosion. Therefore, we recommend to at-least try a razor for sensitive skin to see if these symptoms disappear when shaving.

The image to the right illustrates skin sensitivity post shave.

3. Dry Skin

A well-known symptom of sensitive skin, symptoms include itchiness, redness or flaking of the skin. The skin becomes dry and moisture levels of the skin take a while to return normal levels. The slightest touch can feel really uncomfortable.

4. Ingrown Hairs

A common side-effect of shaving with naturally curly hair is ingrown hairs. Curly hairs results in a higher incidence of ingrown hairs. The regrowing hairs curl back into the skin, as they grow. Ingrown hairs can be extremely painful and cause skin redness. A great tip to prevent ingrown hairs is to not cut the hairs so close.

If you suffer from any of the above, then we recommend to treat your skin as sensitive. Therefore, your should try a razor for sensitive skin – the Philips OneBlade Trimmer.

Best Type Of Men’s Razor For Sensitive Skin

Skin sensitivity post shaving, is often caused by the razor cutting too closely to the skin. A close shave can resort with the top layer of the skin being sliced. This causes redness, irritation or in some cases bleeding. The most important thing to remember about shaving with sensitive skin, is to not go for a razor that provides a close shave.

We’re actually quite concerned about the number of articles online proposing that the best razors for sensitive skin are safety razors or wet-shaving cartridge razors. If you have sensitive skin, you should stay well clear of these close shaving razors.

Instead, the ideal razor for sensitive skin is an electrical razor. This is mainly due to the fact that these razors don’t cut as close to the skin. Our recommended razor for sensitive skin is the Philips OneBlade. You can read our review of the Philip’s OneBlade below:

Philips OneBlade Review – Best Men’s Electrical Razor For Sensitive Skin

Philips OneBlade Trimmer - Best Men's Razor For Sensitive SkinWhilst the Philips OneBlade isn’t marketed as a razor for sensitive skin, it’s the perfect razor for guys with skin sensitivity.

The Philips OneBlade is a new type of razor to the razor & blade market over the last 2 years. Whilst the Philips OneBlade is named a trimmer, the razor features a blade comparable to a classic razor & blade such as brands like Gillette and Wilkinson Sword.

What makes the Philips OneBlade the best men’s razor for sensitive skin, is the fact that it doesn’t cut as close as a typical razor. It is the closeness of a shave that causes skin irritation and results in skin sensitivity. A close shave can cut the top-layer of the skin, resulting in 100s of tiny shaving cuts, or the pulling action of the razor over the skin can cause friction burns or irritate the hair follicles.

Whilst a great razor for guys with sensitive skin, the product has multiple other benefits too:

  • Trim, edge, and shaves any length of hair
  • Up to 4 stubble combs to help you shape your facial hair (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm)
  • Follows the contours of the face allowing you to effectively and comfortably trim and shave all areas of your face
  • Shave wet or dry: dry or wet with foam, even in the shower (water resistant)
  • Blade lasts up to 4 months

Philips OneBlade comes in varying different makes & models. Any of the below models are an ideal razor for sensitive skin:

  • QP2530/25 – Contains 4 stubble combs and designed for the face, RRP £45.99
  • QP6520/25 – 14 length precision comb, RRP £89.99
  • QP2620/25 – Designed for the face & body. Contains 3 stubble combs, 1 body comb and 2 blades; x1 for the face and x1 for the body, RRP £49.99
  • QP2520/25 – Contains 3 stubble combs and designed for the face, RRP £39.99
  • QP6510/25 – 12 length precision comb, RRP £74.99

Where To Buy Philips OneBlade?

You can buy the PhilipsOneBlade from many different retailers, such as Boots or Amazon. Boots is great for the OneBlade as the product is normally on promotion, plus you get advantage card points too. However, Amazon is also great for getting the product at a bargain price.

Gillette SkinGuard Razor Review – Best Manual Razor For Sensitive skin

Gillette is the market leader for men’s razors & blades. In our opinion, they lacked a credible razor for men with sensitive skin. However, this has recently changed since the launch of their SkinGuard razor this year.

The Gillette SkinGuard razor is like no other Gillette razor. It is the first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps. The sensitive skin razor is a the brand’s first 2 bladed razor – a complete change of direction for the brand which dominates the market with its 3 bladed mach 3 razors and 5 bladed fusion razors.

The name for the razor is due to the SkinGuard which is positioned between the 2 blades. The purpose of the razor is to provide support for the skin, stopping the tug and pull that is associated with wet shaving. When a hair is tugged or pulled by a razor, it can stimulate the hair follicle causing an increase is sensitivity and redness which is commonly associated with shaving.

The Gillette SkinGuard razor is the first Gillette razor (or any razor in fact) to be endorsed by the British Skin Foundation. Providing users with confidence that this razor will certainly help them to remove facial hair, whilst helping to keep skin sensitivity to a minimum.

Gillette SkinGuard Razor Review

After personally test-driving the Gillette SkinGuard razor, we can confirm that the razor is ideal for shaving with. Like most guys, we’ve experienced red bumps and sensitive skin after shaving. However, this razor certainly helped to keep this to a minimum with no bumps or shaving rash. We highly recommend the razor if you have sensitive skin. But, it’s worth noting that you will have to compromise on the close-ness of your shave. This is to be expected given the Gillette SkinGuard stops the blades getting too close to the skin.

Buy it from Boots here or Amazon for slightly cheaper.

There is no point investing in the best men’s razor for sensitive skin, if you’re shaving method isn’t suitable for sensitive skin. When you combine our shaving tips below and the Philips OneBlade, you’re well on your way to being sensitivity free when you shave.

Shaving Tips For Sensitive Skin:

It’s important to remember that the razor isn’t the only thing you should look at if you have sensitive skin. See our tips for shaving with sensitive skin below, as any of these areas could be where you’re going wrong.

L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Face Wash For Shaving With Sensitive Skin

1. Prepare The Skin

Probably the most important step when it comes to shaving with sensitive skin. We recommend shaving after a shower to soften up the hairs & to prepare the skin for a shave.

Use a sensitive face wash to wash the face and hairs before you shave.

We recommend L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Face Wash 150ml as a great way to prepare your skin for a shave. Enriched with Birch Tree sap, a naturally derived ingredient leaving skin feeling soothed and protected.
The ultra-gentle formula is quick to foam and easy to rinse off. 100% crafted for men with sensitive skin. 0% Alcohol* (*Ethyl Alcohol) and 0% Colourant.

Always use warm water to soften your facial hairs and make them easier to cut with the razor.

2. Check Your Blades Regularly

Blunt, dull blades can lead to increased skin irritation & friction when shaving. If you experience tugging or discomfort then give your blades a change to keep skin irritation low.

The Philips OneBlade blades will last you a while as they are designed to last up to 4 months. However, if you don’t want to go with the Philips OneBlade as the your razor of choice, then consider a razor that features an indicator strip that will fade to prompt you to change your blades like the Gillette Fusion5 Razor.

3. It’s All In The Technique

Always use light, gentle strokes when shaving and allow the razor to do the work for you. Always shave with the grain of the hair (the direction of hair growth). We recommend not to go against the grain if you have sensitive skin, as this results in a closer shave which can result in skin irritation. See more shaving technique tips here.

Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm For Shaving With Sensitive Skin

4. Rinse Your Blade Frequently

Rinsing the blade often throughout shaving prevents buildup on the blade edges and will help the blade to glide better, resulting in a more comfortably shave and less skin irritation.

5. Aftercare

After you’ve finished shaving, follow up with an after shave care product. We recommend NIVEA MEN Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm as the sensitive post-shave balm instantly calms and soothes irritated skin with a cooling sensation. With a 0% alcohol formula, it means that there is no burning sensation.

The hack to shaving when you have sensitive skin, is about using the right pre and post shaving products and not cutting the hairs too close to the skin. The closer the shave, the higher the risk of skin sensitivity.