Best Men’s Lifestyle Blogs & Bloggers To Follow For 2020

As a men’s lifestyle blog ourselves, we now how important it is for guys to have access to advice and information online. We don’t claim to have all the answers, after all, we’re one voice in a sea of many trying help guys live life comfortably and true to themselves. We’re compiled a list of our favourite men’s lifestyle bloggers. Bloggers that cover topics from general life advice, fashion, dating, eating and so much more.

You might actually recognise some these bloggers from our ‘most inspiring UK male bloggers to follow for 2020′ article as some of our favourite UK bloggers cover multiple topics. But some of these guys are new and fresh for 2020 and we just can’t get enough of their lifestyle content.

Top UK Men’s Lifestyle Bloggers For 2020:

Our list of 2020’s best UK men’s lifestyle bloggers is based on articles and blog we follow on social media, getting excited every-time there is a new insta-live story or what sites we consistently check out to inspire us.

1. Mr Carrington

Iwan who runs and is essentially Mr Carrington is  a London based male blogger, with a blog that focuses on men’s lifestyle, including fashion, fitness, interiors and travel. We’ve been following him on Instagram now for a year and he is the 1 blogger that gets us really excited, we can’t wait to see what he’s up to.

Iwan’s lifestyle is one we’re extremely envious of, having recently come back from Dubai where he vlogged his whole trip. He’s a great source of inspiration for travel and home interiors. He’s got an epic roof terrace that is perfect for a gin or 7 and is such a nice guy!

 2. Maketh-The-Man

Maketh-The-Man is a men’s lifestyle and travel blog run by Callum Watt & Anton Welcome and is one to watch for 2020.

The site features great content and for us is a great source of information on travel and tech, content we don’t tend to really cover on GroomingMail. The guys wrote about their visit to Balmoral Castle in Scotland which is a great source of information for summer 2020 and you can follow Callum’s movements on his instagram which the site links to. We’re really jealous about the trip to Bali that they covered but at least now we know what thing we should do if and when we go (fingers crossed)!

3. William F. Goodge

One for the avid Instragam user like us! Wfgoodge is a British Model which is often is LA and great source of fitness inspiration for any guys looking for a kick up the butt!


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It’s almost time for that Sunday core blast. Huge fan of most variations of leg raises ??

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If you’re lacking motivation to get into the gym post xmas then Wfgoodge is the best Instagram account to be following. We can’t promise that you will get abs like him but we can be sure that you will love his content.

4. DriftingDudes

Drifting Dudes bring together the creative minds of David Calderon & Timonthy Lems to give their readers great lifestyle content. The pair have a combined instagram following of over 50k followers, proof that they know what guys love and want when it comes to lifestyle content.

To give you more of an idea of their content, they can provide you with gift ideas for a sports fanatic to outfit ideas to movie reviews of the latest Marvel films. Give them a follow.

5. David James Seed

David is one to follow for 2020, he features a lot of content around fashion, affordable fashion at that. Who doesn’t love a bargain? Although focuses on fashion, on his instagram he uploads fitness content too but with fashion still at the heart.

We also like to follow him on Instagram to get a behind the scenes view of his shoots for Jack & Jones. He’s a magician on the guitar which he often treats his followers too from time to time.


If you’ve got any bloggers or lifestyle blogs that you love, then be sure to let us know about them in the comments section below.