The Best Ibiza Day Clubs & Bars | Ibiza Guide

Want to know the best Ibiza day clubs and bars to visit this summer? Then read our Ibiza day club guide below and thank us when you return!

Last summer was an epic summer for us as we once again set foot on the the party island of Ibiza. We already can’t wait to go back for next summer and enjoy all our favourite Ibiza clubs and bars all over again, whilst hopefully discovering more places to hang out and to tell you about!

Whilst we are quite familiar with the party island, we understand that many people are discovering Ibiza and it’s nightlife/party scene for the first time, every year.

The famous Balearic island has hundreds of different bars for holidaymakers and Ibiza enthusiasts to enjoy. To form your own opinion of the best day clubs and bars would require a long stay due to the sheer amount of different vanues you’d need to visit – so let us help you out!

When in Ibiza, to ensure you’re enjoying the experience to the max, it’s important to try a day club as well as the famous clubs and bars we’ve all heard about. Below are our recommendations of the best Ibiza day clubs & bars in Ibiza, based on the years we’ve visited the island

The Best Day Clubs & Bars In Ibiza

Clubs are probably what Ibiza is best known for but with them can come a heavy price tag!

One of our favourite things to do when on the party island is to visit day clubs as you can chill by the pools, enjoy good music, whilst sipping casual drinks with everyone dressed to impress. As the day goes on, the music gets louder and the drinks start flowing! Here are our favourite 5:

1. Ocean Beach Club, San Antonio Bay

At number 1, our favourite day club in Ibiza has to be Ocean Beach Club in San Antonio Bay.

With luxury day beds, VIP cabanas and relaxing hammocks that are easily recognisable on social media, everyone loves to brag about their visit and the luxury surroundings that Ocean Beach Club has to offer. With the day club having 2 restaurants, 5 bars and a sunset terrace, it’s always easy to buy food and drinks which contribute to it’s chilled out vibe – no queuing here which Ibiza is notoriously known for with it’s clubbing scene.

Sit on the side of the large pool whilst enjoying an ice cold drink, with good music and good vibes – we recommend paying Ocean Beach Club a visit!

2. Nikki Beach Ibiza, Santa Eulalia

The perfect blend of day time chills, beach club music, fine food with everyone dressed to impress. Nikki Beach is a great destination for those looking for some pool side glam. So glam that the beach club even provides it’s own shuttle service for those arriving by yacht.

Nikki Beach is a great way to completely escape from your life back home with ice-cold champagne, signature cocktails and a world famous view. Enjoy yourself, you’ve worked hard for it!

3. Cafe Mambo, San Antonio

Cafe Mambo is iconic for it’s sunset location on the San Antonio strip. The beautiful sunset is a must see when in ibiza, making it one of the most talked about locations on the party island. 

Not only a great venue to enjoy music from globally renowned DJs, it’s also serves up a great selection of delicious food whilst enjoying the sunset in the backdrop. What more could you want when on holiday?

Cafe Mambo is a great place for drinks before heading off to the heavy clubs on the island. The place is famous for it’s delicious strawberry daiquiri, a great drink to enjoy while the sun goes down!

Don’t just take our word for it, Cafe Mambo was awarded ‘The Best Bar in Ibiza’ several times over. You definitely shouldn’t leave the island without a visit to Cafe Mambo.

4. Murphy’s, Playa D’en Bossa

Arguable one of our favourite venues for drinks in Playa D’en Bossa, this place definitely starts the night in the best way possible.

Murhpys bar which is a stone throw away from the iconic venue, Ushuaia. In our opinion it is one of the cheapest bars on the island, with one of the best atmospheres.

You often find that the place has a great vibe due to the cheap drinks and dancers keeping everyone entertained. The bar also has 2 levels, one outside for drinks and a bar-vibe, with downstairs a great place to enjoy good music and dance the night away.

For this reason we chose to start every night with a drink at Murphy’s.