The Best 4 Back Exercises To Build Muscle & Strength

There are several muscles that are located on the back. Therefore it is important to make sure this part of the body is strong enough. The main muscles in the back include the erector spinae, latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles.

When doing a back workout, you need to make sure you do it right in order to prevent injuries. If the workouts are not done properly, you will not benefit from your effort and simply wasting your time.

Many amateur muscle enthusiasts focus on developing the chest and arm muscles. While a muscular chest and arms are a very desirable and an important part of your physique, they play a comparatively small role when compared to the lats, traps, spinal erectors, rhomboids, and lower back which make up the entirety of the back.

Common Back Building Mistakes

Many lifters neglect the highly important back muscles because:

  1. The back muscles are not particularly flashy and are not easily seen in the mirror.
  2. Building the back muscles is more tedious than training the chest or biceps muscles.
  3. The average amateur bodybuilder doesn’t understand how important and complex the back muscles are.

The truth is that if you want to look as muscular and strong as possible, then nothing will allow you to achieve these goals faster than a finely tuned, ripped back.

Nearly 70% of the body’s muscles reside in the back. So it only makes sense to spend a proportional amount of your workout time developing your back muscles.

Exercises For A Bigger & Stronger Back

1. Deadlifts

One of the most powerful back workouts is deadlifts. These exercises work your hips, abdominals, buttocks, spinal erectors, forearms, quadriceps, lats and trapezius. To do this workout, you need to have a barbell. Place your barbell in front of you and make sure your shins are close to it. Keep your feet apart and get hold of the bar. The arms should remain straight as you do this. Keep your legs bent and back flat. Four sets of deadlifts will work effectively.

2. Hyperextensions

Hyperextensions also well effectively for hamstrings, buttock and spinal erectors. To do this exercise, you have to stand inside the centre of the machine and face the flat pad. Make certain your thighs are on the pad as you lean forward. Maintain your legs straight and location them beneath the small pad. Whenever you are inside the correct position, your upper body ought to be lowered to ensure you might be perpendicular to the ground. Lift the upper body and return to the position you had started with. To maximise the contraction during this workout, hold this position for various seconds. To boost resistance, location a weight plate on your chest.

3. Bent Barbell Rows

Bent barbell rows also work as a basic workout to strengthen the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, biceps, forearms and erector spinae. For this exercise, you are supposed to bend at your waist and hold the barbell. Make sure your hands are apart to match the width of your shoulders. Your knees should be bent slightly. Keep the arms straight and also make sure the upper body is at an angle of 45 degrees. Your back needs to be arched at this point. Only your arms should move as you row it into the stomach. Hold the position for about a second to increase the effectiveness of the workout.

4. T-bar Rows

To work the rear deltoids, traps, spinal erectors, lats, forearms and biceps, you can do T-bar rows. For this type of exercise, you need to stand with your legs places on opposite sides of the machine. The handle should be grabbed with both hands. Your knees should also be slightly bent to make sure there is little stress on the back. The upper body has to remain at an angle of 45 degrees with the ground. Your arms should hang down at the front. Make use of your arms strength and lats to lift the T-bar as you row it into the abdomen. Your back needs to be arched and the lats have to be squeezed together in order to get the maximum contraction in your back muscles. Lower the machine back to its original position and repeat the movements about 4 times.

Don’t Forget

Before undertaking any of the above workouts, you need to take a pre workout supplement so that you are comfortable during the exercise. Because the spine is located on your back, you must always exercise caution when doing heavy weight back exercises. This means wearing a weight belt at all times and never attempting to show off by lifting more weight than you can handle.

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