The Beginners Guide to Buying a Luxury Watch

If you take a look around you right now, what do you see? If you’re anything like me, I bet there are at least three pieces of technology within arm’s reach. It’s no secret we’re a nation obsessed with tech with a recent study showing that two thirds of all UK adults now own a smart phone and what’s more each of us spend over two hours gazing into the glare of its screen. But with great tech comes some not-so-great style choices, a smart watch may compartmentalise all your tasks and have you connected to the internet, but it’s no comparison to the air of sophistication that wearing a luxury time piece offers. This guide is an encouragement to ditch the boys’ tech trend and join the men who choose to invest in beautifully crafted, sophisticated watches.

Why Wear a Traditional Timepiece?

Investing in a watch in a world where our possessions dwindle each year in favour of digital files, we’re at risk of everything we own being crammed into a single USB stick. A watch that you can treasure in the real world will leave both a valuable and invaluable heirloom that can be passed to loved ones for generations to come.

A carefully chosen watch will help showcase your style, men’s choice of jewellery and accessories are fairly pitiful in comparison to the choice women have. Use a watch to express your personality using no words. Are you classic and simplistic? Sporty or extravagant?

Today, Studies show that 34% of 25-34 year olds have felt overwhelmed by the amount of technology used in society today, by reaching for your phone when you want to check the time you’re subconsciously engaging with tech that could lead you to feel stressed. A quick glance at your watch means you won’t be tempted to check emails, social media or texts.

What to Consider when Investing in Luxury Watches

Before investing in a watch, consider these points, this piece should last a lifetime so don’t jump in with both feet before some thought about what option are right for you.

There are three typical watch movements:

  • Digital, which are powered by small watch batteries
  • Quartz, which are also known as analog watches. These run using an incredibly small, electrified quartz crystal within the mechanism and are extremely accurate.
  • Mechanical, which work using multiple gears and springs. These watches are highly crafted and often come with a price tag to match. Mechanical watches do not keep their time as well as quartz and will need wound yearly, but they don’t ever need a battery. Mechanical watches hold ancient emotional, value and are often the preferred choice for men looking to invest in a timepiece

Does Value Matter?

When looking to invest in a luxury watch, they key word to remember is “invest” but this does not mean in a monetary way. Invest in the emotional value a watch holds instead. A watch is likely to decrease in value once purchased, however the cost per use and years of enjoyment you will receive will make the purchase worthwhile. However, if the monetary investment is of importance to you a great way to look at the depreciation of the watch you’re considering purchasing is to investigate pre-owned prices online, if the watch is still selling at 20% of its original market price you can be sure it holds its value well.

What should I spend?

Something all purchases must remember is not to overspend, an entry level luxury watch costs about £300, but can range up to £10,000 depending on the mechanics of the timepiece. Consider your budget and remember watches hold their values like cars; you will most likely not get the value back if you choose to re-sell it.

Where should I buy?

Watch brands will always prefer you to buy from them, but this is not the only way to purchase your first luxury watch, especially if your budget does not meet the £10,000 mark. There are some savvy ways to pay less for your watch, with discounts available throughout the internet. It’s worth noting that discounts don’t mean the watch is poor quality, it may simply mean there is surplus stock. Why not try EBay? The auction site is the most popular place to buy watches in the world

What Entry Level Brands are there?

For your first luxury watch a great place to start is with Japanese brands such as Seiko and Citizen. These brands are making the best entry price watches with high quality quartz and mechanical movements. What’s more the dials, straps and other extras are all of the same high quality.

How do I Maintain my Luxury Watch?

It’s vital to remember this watch should last you a lifetime if well maintained, your watch typically needs serviced every 5 years, though the manufactures’ guarantee will outline the specifics. It’s no secret that we are all busier than ever, so utilise reliable watch repair and servicing companies that operate by post meaning there will be inconvenience to your schedule if your timepiece needs repair. Ensure good health of your watch by avoiding high risk situations such as sporting activities and trips to the beach. Watches are like shoes, you would not wear your best brogues to go for a jog, so don’t make this mistake with your timepiece.

By choosing to invest wisely in a beautifully crafted watch you will not only ensure an heirloom that can be passed down throughout your family for generation, you will also evoke the air that only watch wearers carry, you’ll be removed from the overpowering choke of technology whilst establishing your own distinctive style.

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