A Beginner’s Guide To Breaking Into The Vaping Community

Time and time again, research has proven that vaping is a much safer option than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The benefits of vaping are numerous, and while there are still some risks, hundreds of thousands of people have decided to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

If you’re considering taking up vaping as a means of kicking your cigarette habit, the process of getting started can seem a bit intimidating. From understanding the various types of devices and choosing the one that is right for you to learning how to use it, install replacement parts, etc., there is a lot you need to know.

When it comes to learning about vaping, choosing devices and components, and more, there is no substitute for advice from someone who is more experienced.

The vaping community may seem a bit intimidating at first, but behind all those massive vapour clouds, there are a lot of great people who are more than willing to help newcomers learn all about the art of vaping.

If you want to start vaping but are not sure of how to become a part of the community, keep reading for some helpful advice!

Where To Start With Vaping

Do A Bit Of Research

Before you commit to taking up vaping and trying to become a part of the community, it’s a good idea to do a bit of your own research.

You don’t need to teach yourself everything, but you should familiarise yourself with the basics of what vaping is and some of the common terms. Also known as e-cigs, boxes or mods, vape devices consist of several components, including a battery, wicking material, a tank and a heating element. The tank holds a liquid that is known as e-juice or e-liquid.

When the battery is activated, it heats up the heating coil. The wicking material — which has absorbed some e-liquid — is wrapped around the heating coil, and when it gets warm, vapour is created. Different styles of e-cigarettes work differently, and batteries, heating elements, tanks, etc. come in a huge assortment of styles. T

he process outlined above, though, is generally how these devices work. You don’t need to be an expert, but understanding this general concept will make it easier to become a member of the community.

Visit A Reputable Vape Shop

Visiting a well-known, reputable vape shop is one of the best ways to break into the vaping community in your area. Whether you have already purchased a starter vape kit and are looking for an upgrade, or you want help picking out your very first one, a vape shop is a good place to go. The employees at these shops are extremely knowledgeable about vaping, and they can help you better understand the different types of products that are available, along with their benefits and drawbacks. It is also pretty common to find several customers hanging out in shops using their mods, so stopping by is a great way to connect with others who share your interest.

Spending some time at your local shop is also a great way to learn about upcoming vaping events. From expos where the latest products will be on display to cloud-chasing competitions and more, these events provide opportunities to connect with the vaping community locally and around the world.

Be Courteous

When you are talking to fellow vapers or even just vaping out in public on your own, always be courteous. While there are often very few laws regarding the use of e-cigarettes, it is still important to practice good etiquette. Serious vapers are passionate about portraying the hobby in a positive light, and if you are a jerk, they are not likely to welcome you into their communities. Since vaping is relatively new, laws and regulations are constantly evolving. If those who vape behave obnoxiously or create problems, stricter regulations are more likely to be implemented. The vaping community wants vaping to be accepted, so they do not take kindly to vapers who cause problems.

It is also important to be courteous when talking to vapers who are more experienced than you are. As a beginner, you have a lot to learn. If you find someone who is willing to share their expertise with you, respect their time. Listen to what they have to say, and don’t argue. You don’t necessarily have to agree with all of their opinions or product recommendations, but if you want to become an accepted part of the community, you need to at the very least behave like a respectful adult.

Take some time to learn about vaping etiquette before you start doing it in public. Many people view vaping the same way as they view smoking, so you need to use a bit of common sense. Don’t vape in places where smoking is not allowed, and good etiquette dictates that you shouldn’t do it around kids and pets. You also should never blow your vapour in someone else’s face — not even a fellow vaper’s. If you have questions about what is acceptable, don’t be afraid to ask. It is much better to ask for advice from someone who is more experienced than to behave in a way that is perceived as rude.


The idea of breaking into the vaping community may seem a bit intimidating, but most members are glad to welcome newcomers and share their knowledge with those who are new to the hobby. You can connect with fellow vapers at vape shops and by attending vaping events, and as long as you are courteous and respectful, you should have no problem making new friends who will gladly help you learn the ins and outs of this often-confusing hobby.