Beat The Chill In Style: Winter Streetwear Essentials

Winter is now in full swing. The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and sweaters and coats are coming out of our wardrobe again. While it’s tempting to completely sacrifice your warmer layers in the pursuit of high-end fashion looks, it’s not always the smartest choice. You should always ensure that your comfort comes first and foremost in any outfit you put together, particularly in the winter. This season is the perfect opportunity to whip up a style that’s tailor-made to keep you feeling warm and cosy, whilst looking fresh!

Here are our men’s streetwear essentials for this coming winter season!

3 Winter Essentials To Help You Beat The Cold

1. Hoodies

Hoodies have been around for as long as we can remember. People’s opinions of them blow hot and cold just like the windy conditions that beckon us to grab them out of our closets each year. This season, we can say for certain that hoodies are in – the biggest brands have all been putting their spin on the classic design, with both graphic and typeface styles being spotted on and off the catwalks.

The most important thing to keep in mind when incorporating a hoodie into your look is how you layer it – on their own they can look casual and nonchalant, but with an overcoat they become a classy piece that’s ready for every situation.

A zip-up hoodie will fall seamlessly into a more versatile and temperature-sensitive fit where you’ll be swapping between indoors and outdoors frequently, giving you the ability to add and remove a layer as you see fit to keep yourself from getting too warm or too cold!

2. Overcoats

The perfect finishing touch for any streetwear ensemble – overcoats are a simple, sophisticated piece that’s sure to keep you looking cool but feeling warm, whatever the weather. The popular choice has always been a neutral sand-coloured coat and we think that you should stick to that trend; it’s a timeless classic that never seems to go out of style. Throw your overcoat over a sweater or hoodie for the ultimate wintery vibe, or mix it up with graphic tees and a pair of jeans for something that looks great for all occasions.

Button-up overcoats have an undeniably classy feel, so if you’re going to be in a business environment, they’re a fantastic choice. They look perfect over formal attire too, giving an effortlessly classy vibe that’s perfect for when you’re heading to meetings or the office.

3. Jeans

Denim: where would we be without it? It’s so versatile that it’s now become almost impossible to think of an outfit where you couldn’t wear a pair of jeans (black tie events aside). What has changed, however, is the type of jeans that looks to be the in-style choice – current looks appear to be moving away from the previous trend of super-skinny black jeans and are instead going for a straighter leg with a selvedge finish. This raw denim look gives a unique twist to your streetwear fit, breathing new life into previously tiresome denim looks. Pair your selvedge jeans with a classic sweatshirt to give yourself a clean appearance that’ll feel great at home and on the go!

That’s not to say they skinny ripped jeans have lost their place – they’re still a fantastic option to have in your wardrobe if you’re going for a night on the town or looking for a fit that’s more flattering than straight jeans can be.

This season looks to be an eclectic mix of bare, minimalistic styles and bold, daring designs, so you could be in luck if layers are your thing. You can mix and match your plain pieces with cuts of vibrant colour and pattern, or go for an all-out show-stopping look – it’s entirely up to you!