Banish Razor Burn With These Tips and Tricks

There is not much better than a good clean shave first thing in the morning to start your day off well. But if you suffer with some nasty razor burn then it can leave your morning feeling less than happy, and your skin looking red and bumpy. The tricky things is that the pesky thing doesn’t crop up until a couple of hours after shaving, so you don’t always know that you’ll get it right away. Not only is it irritating, but it purely and simply looks bad. But if you have the right action plan for your shaving routine, then razor burn can be avoided.

Soften Your Beard and Skin

If your beard is feeling soft, then it is going to be much easier to shave with a soft beard than one that feels like dried noodles. So for many people, shaving after a hot shower can be the best thing to do. It will soften up your beard and your skin, making it much easier to shave. You could even use some conditioner to make your beard even softer.

Try a Safety Razor

If you have a modern five blade razor that you use, and you manage to get a shave without getting any razor burn, then it seems like that works for you. So carry on using it. But if you are going about your day with razor burn, then it could be time to try out a safety razor. It can mean less pain and irritation than a razor that uses many blades. So why not look out for the best safety razors reviews on, for instance? When you’ve only got one blade, it is much less likely to lead to razor burn. Just be careful not to nick yourself with it!

Don’t Shave Against The Grain

To get a close shave, many men think that they need to be shaving against the grain. Doing so can mean a much smoother finish, right? While it can leave your skin feeling smooth, it is much more likely to lead to a cut or razor burn. Neither of which will leave your skin feeling very smooth in the end. So what you need to be doing is to shave with the grain instead of against. Your skin won’t get as irritated, even though it may take a few strokes to get all of your beard off.

Clean Your Razor Blade

If you shave with a dirty or old blade, then your chance of getting razor burn is increased so much more. So one way to reduce that, as well as not re-shaving with a bacteria-filled razor is to clean it. Use some rubbing alcohol on the razor’s blade before you start shaving. That will eliminate any bacteria in an instant. This can reduce how much burn you get. Some modern razors do come with a built-in antibacterial strip, but it can cost you a lot of money for something that you can do yourself much more cheaply.