Back With A Splash: Why Are Men Going Back To Wet Shaving?

Mid way through the decade, something sensational has happened. Men around the world woke up, as if having been in a trance for decades, to the realisation that they have been cheating their faces from something spectacular; the Wet Shave.

An age-old ritual, an art passed down by generations, somehow got lost amid the arrival of mass produced consumerism. Bright colours and scientific names, were Men duped by all singing all dancing multi cartridge plastic razors splashed all over our television screens and supermarkets?

An ethical British shaving start up, STAG, recently uncovered this issue and set about the comeback of wet shaving with a luxury shaving collection handcrafted in England using British wood.

STAG refused to be tarred with the same brush as these big brands, offering a traditional shave with a closer finish. Their range boast less irritation and shaving rashes, plus they’re also lighter on the wallet.

What Is Wet Shaving?

Before globalisation, consumerism and having no time to ourselves-ism took centre stage in the 1990’s, we didn’t all used to shave with the plastic cartridge razor. In fact, cartridge razors are a relatively modern contraption with the initial intentions of reducing the time we spend shaving each morning, and certainly served a purpose for those in a hurry.

Shaving was once such a dangerous activity it was restricted to the local barber shop. Three centuries ago, with the introduction of the Safety Razor, the braver of Men began shaving in their own homes, through the art of Wet Shaving.

After softening the skin and facial hair through the lathering of soap across the face, the Safety Razor is then used, similar to any other razor, to remove facial hair. The Safety Razor uses one double edge blade, meaning no multi blade cartridges that chew up your face and invert your hairs.

Oils, face towels and moisturisers also accompany the Man is his wet shaving experience, leading to an altogether revitalising morning routine.

Cheaper & Better Results? So, What’s The Snag?

It’s easy to point out the positives. It’s easy to say that yes, you’re going to feel reinvigorated in the morning, energised for the day ahead. Yes, your face is going to feel baby smooth with less irritation, shaving rashes and ingrown hairs. Yes, you can even pay as low as 10p per blade compared with £2 plastic cartridges. But what aren’t you telling me?

Well, Wet Shaving is not for the faint hearted. The Double Edge Razor blade will slice you right open if you don’t handle it with care. It’s a Man’s tool, not safe in the hands of someone who can’t handle its edge. So, by being only a hair’s width away from danger, you’ll need to approach Wet Shaving with caution. Which leads me onto my next point; time.

You’re certainly going to shave some time off your mornings if you stick to your plastic shaving routine. Wet Shaving is not for the hurried. If you want to enjoy the experience of using your Safety Razor, set 10 minutes aside to encompass the oiling, lathering, brushing, shaving, and moisturising; it’s quite the commotion. So just like you wouldn’t enjoy rushing a candle lit bubble bath with a background drop of Beethoven, this is your relaxation time. It’s important to take your time and enjoy the moment.

Is It Just A Fad?

As a genuine alternative and somewhat solution to many a Man’s shaving dilemma, the Safety Razor and the Wet Shave appear to be a heavyweight contender against the big brands.

Once dominant in the market, it fell behind the swerve in trend and suffered a hairy few decades submerged by popular demand for the new guy around town, it appears that the Safety Razor is making an encouraging and worthy comeback.

Men are investing more time in their Grooming routines, and I for one say we deserve it. As the trend of Male Grooming continues to grow, we believe the art of Wet Shaving will continue to nick away at what had become a stagnant cartridge market.

Shaving The Best ‘Till Last

With the opportunity to turn a hateful morning chore to a real pleasure, more of us are opting to engage in a better state of mind each morning through a more comfortable shave, and long may it last.