Avoid Bed Head With These Simple Tricks

It might be cute to wake with a tousled head of hair after an amorous romp in bed, but nothing spells disaster faster than getting up late and looking in the mirror at your hair plastered flat across your forehead. Trying to throw yourself together before heading into the office seems to take twice as long on days like this and probably has you considered shaving your head altogether.

No matter the length of your hair, you can take a few precautions to avoid mornings like these that have you wishing a baseball cap was appropriate professional attire. Which speaking of, some of these solutions can be rather effective on baseball cap head as well…

Obviously if you have time to hop in the shower and start fresh, or even wet your head enough to tame your hair and restyle it, you probably aren’t too concerned about this issue. But if you regularly shower at night, and are tired of the fight each morning, consider the following tips to help your mornings get off to a better looking start. These tips are also helpful for facial hair, so take note.

  1. First, be proactive. Be sure to brush through your hair to remove any loose hairs and let it lay naturally. Going to bed with a wet head, or not brushing through it allows your hair to dry in the shape it is laying in, and if you have cowlicks, this is a recipe for disaster.
  2. You can usually tame the worst of your issues with a wet comb and a little bit of styling product. Simply comb it through after running your comb under the tap, or spray a little bit of water into your hair using a spray bottle. Once the worst is tamed apply your regular product and style as usual.
  3. Using moisturising hair care products after drying your hair each night can help tame split ends and keep your hair malleable and easier to style the next morning. Beard oils and leave in conditioners help hairs grow together and stay more manageable. Plus, they promote healthier, smoother hair and beards.
  4. Speaking of moisture, using a humidifier regularly will help nourish your skin and scalp, and keep your hair from over drying-  a leading cause of split ends and flyaways. A humidifier is something you can use year round and has many more benefits than better looking hair.
  5. If you have a thick head of hair, consider having it cut with layers, so you can style it quickly in the morning to create a controlled tousled look. This can also be a helpful style for receding hairlines as the longer layers will help cover thinning areas.
  6. Longer hair can be tamed and controlled by wrapping a bandana around your head each night to sleep in. This is especially effective if you have used a leave in conditioner. Overnight your hair will stay smooth and easy to manage the next morning.
  7. If you have hair long enough to pull back, twist it into a loose bun and tie it up using a non damaging tie. In the morning let it loose and brush it out before putting it into your usual style. This will help keep it smooth and avoid any unsightly flyaways.

Whether you are proactive in attempting to keep a hair disaster from happening in the first place, or are looking for a quick morning of fix, once you’re happy with your style, give it a quick mist of hairspray to keep it all in place and tame any cowlicks that may still threaten to erupt over the course of the day.

Hopefully this has been a pretty comprehensive list to give you a hand and get you rolling on the unfortunate mornings you wake looking as if you stuck your finger in an electrical socket. Just keep in mind that sometimes just starting fresh with a wet head and a hot blow dryer can be the quickest solution, but if you aren’t sure you have enough time to give it our best effort- the controlled, tousled messy look is always popular with the girls.

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