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Here at GroomingMail, we’re not really about promoting products that are damaging to your health but when the alternative to E-cigarettes is smoking, we’re all for shouting about them. When the health implications of smoking are so bad, we’re keen to help people stub out their fag for the last time and pick up an E-Cigarette – we’re so happy to see people in the public eye making this change too!

E-Cigarettes: Celebs’ Must Have Accessory

Even though they’ve been around for years, electronic cigarettes remained relatively inconspicuous, with audiences limited to those who’d been recommended by friends and family. In the last few months, however, it seems no self-respecting celebrity can risk being seen without one, whether it’s out shopping, at a party or simply relaxing at a sports game. Are you surprised when the alternative is so damaging?

So what’s with e-cigs’ sudden surge in popularity?

Recent reports indicate their positive impact on current smokers’ health – mainly through encouraging smokers to quit – have boosted sales and confidence in the product, but the trend has been present for much longer than that.

The main reason quoted by the stars for taking up this latest technique is that it genuinely helps them to quit smoking altogether. For someone like Simon Cowell, who regularly smoked 40 a day, giving up smoking is a massive challenge and commitment, its life changing in fact, and the presence of e-cigarettes has been invaluable to both their health and their wallet – we’re sure even someone like Simon Cowell wouldn’t be able to keep up the habit financially what with the massive price increase on cigarettes.

Often praised by smokers as a beacon of hope in the struggle to quit, electronic cigarettes provide both the satisfaction of inhaling and the comfort of holding a cigarette in your hand. The difference? Only about 4,000 harmful chemicals, that standard cigs contain but which vaping completely avoids. Instead, an e-liquid made up of propylene glycol, glycerine, nicotine, flavourings and water is heated to form vapour, which can then be inhaled, providing the body with the nicotine dose it craves but producing almost no other negative side effects. A recent study in England even showed that electronic cigarettes are 95% less dangerous to health than tobacco. It’s little wonder than the vaping population is booming and so it should!

Is the recent surge in well-known users due to a small number of celebrities who, having embraced the wonders of vaping, have encouraged others to do likewise? It wouldn’t be surprising, given how smoking as a habit abounds in the stressful world of Hollywood, that fellow stars would seek to help their screen buddies stay fit and healthy.

Certainly there’s a nugget of truth in this – it’s reported that Robert Pattinson (he of Twilight fame) was introduced to the smoke-free joys of vaping by none other than his film friend Leonardo DiCaprio, who in recent months has also been sporting an e-cigarette wherever possible. Bradley Cooper, it would seem, was also brought into the e-cig fold by Zoe Kravitz at last year’s Oscars.


Longer-term converts, such as Katherine Heigl and Nikki Reed, have been keen to promote the benefits of electronic cigarettes and e juice, with Heigl famously vaping on the David Letterman show and even encouraging Letterman to try it himself. Since then, the number of famous faces holding e-cigs has risen dramatically, with Hollywood heavyweights such as Gary Oldman, Whoopi Goldberg and Jack Nicholson getting in on the act alongside younger celebs like Bruno Mars and Katy Perry.

What’s more, people like Charlie Sheen, Kate Moss and Whoopi and Lindsay Lohan – none of them the traditional faces of healthy living – have been seen with their vapes at various events; Charlie’s even gone so far as to create his own brand, NicoSheen. So this clearly isn’t a flash-in-the-pan idea.

Regardless of why these celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, though, there is one massive benefit – unwittingly or not, they’ve managed to promote not only a new product, but a new way of life. In fighting their own battle, they’ve made it cool – even desirable – for us to follow suit. For once, stars aren’t just making us happy, they’re making us healthy too – and that’s a trend to shout about.

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