A Modern Man In Need Of Dating Advice? Find Out Who To Ask For Help

Romantic relationships: they can get you into a world of trouble, but you can’t seem to do without them. From the minute you enter the dating game, it can feel like you’re fumbling around in the dark. No one is automatically an expert, but everyone else always seems to be doing better than you are. Whether or not that’s true isn’t exactly relevant, because that’s what it looks like to you. If you don’t feel like you can trust your own instincts, you need people and places you can go to for advice. But who can you trust with this matter of utmost importance? You can’t take dating tips from anyone who’s willing to give them. Try some of these sources to help you master the dating game.

Your Friends

Talking about relationships with your mates can be a bit awkward. Getting all serious and emotional with them might not come naturally. You might be more used to focusing on who’s hot than whether someone makes your insides feel all squishy. But your best friends can be some of the better people to go to for relationship advice. And male and female friends might be able to offer slightly different perspectives. Talking to them about your relationships, whether it’s trying to get a girl or a breakup, could net you some useful advice. Just remember to take everything with a pinch of salt.

The Internet

Everyone knows the internet is a minefield to navigate when you want advice. You can find some gems, but you’re also likely to stumble across a lot of useless information. You have to be careful if you’re looking for relationship advice online. You might end up falling for something with no basis to it. People can have a tendency to believe what they want to instead of what’s true. So be careful to keep questioning everything you read. That doesn’t mean you can’t find some fantastic advice. Albaladcomores Girlfriend Help and lots of other websites have pages of useful information for you. They can help you figure out anything from approaching a girl for the first time to getting your ex back.


This one’s a risky one. Some guys won’t hesitate to go to family members for advice in all areas of their life. Others would rather ask a complete stranger before letting their brother or mother have a say in their love life. Asking family for advice can lead to them having expectations on just how much say they have over what you do. But they can also have some great life experiences to share, and they can offer their advice sensitively.


One last option is to speak to a professional. Therapists and counsellors can give you impartial, expert advice. Of course, they’re not all the same, and they won’t all tell you the same thing. But they also won’t be too concerned with telling you what you want to hear. You can visit someone on your own or for couples counselling.

Getting outside advice can be just what you need for a reality check. However, it’s always best to ask several sources before you decide on a plan of action.

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