A Man’s Guide To Matching & Co-Ordinating Your Accessories


You know what they say. Accessories make the man. In many ways, the accessories you choose are more important than the clothes you wear. As a guy, you can always rely on the staple fashion classics. A blue Oxford shirt, suede jackets, a well-tailored suit. In that respect, our fashion choices are pretty straightforward. And, you will always look good when you stick to these timeless essentials. But it’s the accessories that dictates how well you wear it all. It’s the accessories that give you a true sense of style and sophistication. The accessories define your your outfit. But, the most important aspect is making sure they match your style. here’s how.


The men’s watch is a classic and timeless accessory. The only choice is which design and style to choose. Well, we happen to think your watch should match your personality. Are you sporty and outdoorsy person? Match your style with a digital sports watch. If you prefer a more traditional, sophisticated style, opt for the classic mechanical watches. You can even store it in its own watch winder accessory. It’s best to wear this style of watch with a suit or smart outfit.


Choosing the right belt style is all about matching colours. That’s not always the easiest task for guys. We tend to stick to the simple designs and colour palettes! And that’s no bad thing either. The best belts are simple black or tan leather colours. The trick is making sure it matches your trousers. Opting for a brown belt while wearing black trousers, for example, is a very risky move. Stick to a simple buckle design too. Keep it classic and sophisticated.



The first rule of shoes is this: always make sure they match your belt. The shoes and belt tie an outfit together. They give it consistency, and definition. Matching shoes and belt are your starting point. A particularly great combination are brown brogues and a tan leather belt. Simple, but effective. You can also stick with the classic combination of black Oxford shoes and a black belt. Perfect for a timeless suit.


 There are more fashion rules than you might think when it comes to ties. First of all, they should always be a darker colour than your dress shirt. (Unless, of course, you’re attending a white tie event – though they are few and far between these days). Secondly, the tie ought to be the same width as the lapel on your jacket. Thirdly, the tip should rest just on your belt line. Lastly, never (never, ever, ever) match your tie and pocket square. They must be co-ordinated, but entirely different colours.


The bag is a very tricky accessory for guys. Not everyone can pull off the stylish ‘man bag’, and if it’s not your thing, don’t even attempt it! Instead, try a more robust duffel, and hold it down by your side.

Trust us, your accessories matter more than you think. We’ve seen our fair share of suits ruined by the wrong shoes and tie. Don’t make the same mistake.

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