8 Tips For Styling Out A Receding Hairline | Men’s Hair Loss Help

If you, or the people around you, have started to noticing your hair thinning, then it may be time to take action. Action could be from changing your hair product, buying some hair thinning specialist product to completely changing your hairstyle altogether. One of the worst things you could do for your receding hairline is to simply do nothing. Before we go into our top tips for styling a receding hairline, it’s important that you know what a receding hairline is. Read our receding hairline article here.

If you’re experiencing changes in your hairline, then firstly know that you’re not the only one going through it. You wont be the last and you definitely aren’t the first. Even some of Hollywoods most famous actors, like Jude Law, have experienced hair loss.

Thankfully, due to advances in technology and medicine, there are more options to help treat a receding hairline than ever before. However, before you explore the expensive route of surgery, try out our top 10 tips below for styling a receding hairline. These hair loss tips could make all the difference and save you a fortune.

Even if your hair loss isn’t that noticeable, prevention is better than cure. Taking some of these steps can help delay your hair from thinning or make your receding hairline unnoticeable to your friends and family.

8 Styling Tips For A Receding Hairline

1. Grow A Beard

Growing a beard or some stubble is a great look, often favoured by many. What’s even better is that a beard can help disguise your receding hairline as it will draw attention away from it.

Many celebrities have also rocked a beard for a stylish look when all their hair has completely gone. Think Jason Statham and Stanley Tucci.

2. Bigger Is Better

A hairdryer should be the next gadget you buy yourself if you have a receding hairline. Blow drying your hair can make your hair look thicker and more volumised. Helping to style out a receding hair line. However, always be careful not to damage your hair by using too much heat. Damaging your hair can cause your hair to fall out, making a receding hairline more pronounced.

Give the Toni & Guy Salon Professional Compact AC Power 2100 W Hair Dryer – Black a try, it’s black so very masculine. A hairdryer you wouldn’t mind leaving on the side for people to see.

3. Kick Start Your Hair In The Shower

Us guys want things easy. Therefore, this could be one of the easiest hacks to help with a receding hairline. Simply just swap your normal shampoo for a hair loss shampoo like Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo. The caffeine containing shampoo works directly on the hair follicle and penetrate the scalp, stimulating the hair root and strengthening them. The shampoo also helps volumise the hair due to its lack of conditioning agents, giving the hair more grip and volume.

4. Embrace Texture

Volume-less haircuts should be avoided if you’re experiencing a receding hairline. Comb-over styled hairstyles are a no go. They simply just make your thinning hair more obvious.

Next time your visit your barbers, ask for a textured haircut like Bradley Cooper’s.

Another way to add texture to your haircut is to use your fingers vs. a comb to style your hair. Repeatedly combing thin hair can make it look limp and flat whereas styling with your fingers adds more volume.

5. Take Your Sides Shorter

Whilst on the subject of a hair style, consider taking the sides shorter if you have a receding hair line. It’s recommended that your stay clear of a hair cut that is the same length all over, this doesn’t help to give the hair any volume or texture. This puts more emphasis on the top of your head, where your hair line is receding or thinning.

Go for a slight fade on the sides with a textured, messy cut on the top. Not only is this an on trend hair style for men, but it will also help distract from the thinning hair on the top of your head.

6. Disguise Your Problem

Hair fibres are a great way to ‘cheat’ your way to a fuller hairline. Hair fibres can be easily described as a  tinted powder that you shake onto your scalp. With the tint of the powders matching your hair shade.  With hair fibres you can literally get a full hairline in minutes. Achieved simply by shaking the powder on your scalp.

With specialist hair fibres like Toppik,  you don’t have to worry about the fibres migrating down your forehead. The fibres are electrostatically charged which helps them to not move and remain smudge-proof. When you’re done, simply wash your hair with shampoo to remove them.

7. Less Is More

When styling your hair with product – less is always more. Too much product on a thinning hairline with weigh down the hair, emphasising the hair loss. Use any styling product sparingly and as per the tip above, use your fingers instead of a comb to style your hair. As a last minute check before you walk out the door, make sure your styling product is evenly distributed across your hair. You don’t wash a fluffy crown and a styled fringe.

8. It’s All In The Finish

Another simply change you can make it based on your styling product. Certain men’s styling products do different things and have different finishes. A matte finish product like Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay is a perfect styling product for guys with a receding hairline. The matte products help to give a natural look but they are also lighter products so will help with creating volume & helping to not saturate the hair.

There you have it, 8 epic styling tips to help you make the most of your receding hairline and rock a stylish hairstyle.