6 Profile Pic Mistakes Not To Make If You’re Looking To Find The One

Sunglasses, topless beach pics, clubbing selfies– does this sound like you? Many guys unknowingly put up profile pics that actually hurt their chances of getting matched. When it comes to online dating, your display picture is your first impression. So, it’s vital to choose a photo that accurately represents you and invites positive reactions. To ace your dating profile pic, make sure you’re not committing these 6 deadly dating sins.

  1. Party Photos

Party photos are fun, but they don’t make good click bait. In reality, most quality women are not attracted to a hazy picture of you fumbling around with your beer bottle around a club—even if it’s from a flattering angle. While these pictures may make you seem fun and approachable, it can send the wrong message for ladies looking for a mature guy.

  1. Shirtless Photos

A confident gentleman does not feel the need to show off his physique so openly. You’re likely to come across as sleazy and shallow as opposed to sexy. Keep your shirt on for your pic to avoid turning off women who could potentially become amazing matches.

The only exception to this rule is Tinder because it’s filled with people searching for a casual fling. If this is your calling, then ignore this rule.

  1. Bathroom Mirror Selfies

Selfies in front of the bathroom mirror shows poor taste. Of all the backdrops you could have chosen, you have decided to show off the private space which holds your toothbrushes and toilet paper. It’s just downright tacky. Any other location will trump this one—pick anything else!

  1. Pictures With Grandma

Do not take a picture with your grandma! This appears strategic and phony. You may think that you’ll come across as cute and family-oriented, but it’s an clear sham. No semi-intelligent woman actually believes you’re Mr.Sweetheart searching for his life partner. She will also not willingly put herself into a situation with an obvious manipulator.

There are a couple dating apps that do not follow this rule. Match and Who Winked Me are filled with women who are looking for long-term quality matches and may actually perceive this type of picture as genuine.

  1. Pictures With Your Car

Taking a picture with your car is a dead giveaway for your insecurity. It sends the message that you need to use your belongings to prove your worth. Women see right through this. Believe it or not, you alone are the best demonstration of what you offer. Just be yourself and smile.

  1. Pictures With Other Women

Do not take photos with other women. Many guys think that using eye candy can increase his status and desirability in the eyes of other women. However, using other women as props can actually hinder your chances of getting a match. It makes other women question whether you’re approachable and single, or just another seasoned playboy. Don’t give them a reason to question your availability.

By following these tips, you’ll l be prepared for a great first impression in the online dating world. Good luck, brother!

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