5 Essential Products For Men With Beards

If you’re serious about growing out your beard or committing to the bearded look, then you will need to put together a beard grooming kit. And by kit, we don’t mean just one or two products, but the works.

There are several essential products you’ll need to keep your beard looking its best and in fine condition.

5 Essential Products For Men With Beards

Here are the top five products you can’t do without.

1. An Effective Treatment Against Razor Bumps

Frederick Benjamin is a men’s grooming product line that actually offers an entire shaving regimen kit, which you can get here: https://shop.frederickbenjamin.com. But one of their most popular and effective products is this Razor Bump Cream and Post-Shave Razor Bump Treatment.

Men who shave regularly know how frustrating razor bumps can be. Not only do they look unsightly—they are little red bumps that closely resemble pimples—but they can also feel painful and sore, and if left untreated, can develop into permanent scars. Frederick Benjamin has a handy guide on how to prevent razor bumps on their website, but if you’re already suffering from this irritating skin condition, their razor bump treatment is well-formulated and clinically proven to eliminate razor bumps in as fast as 14 days.

2. A Silky Smooth Oil

Beard oil is a must-have for any man who’s growing out his beard. It will keep your beard from becoming too dry or brittle, especially during the colder seasons. It will also keep your skin hydrated, preventing itchiness and the beard equivalent of dandruff, which is more common than you might think.

3. A Nourishing Shampoo for Your Beard

Seriously, don’t use the same shampoo you use for the hair on your head for your beard. And definitely don’t just use plain bath soap. A great beard needs a dedicated beard shampoo, and this one from Professor Fuzzworthy will take excellent care of your beard. Filled with natural ingredients all the way from Tasmania, this beard shampoo comes in a bar form and features kunzea oil, leatherwood honey and beeswax that work together to keep your beard clean and soft.

4. A Proper Pair of Grooming Scissors

The same way you can’t just use whatever shampoo on your beard, you also can’t just use whatever pair of kitchen or office scissors you have lying around to trim your beard. Get yourself a proper pair of grooming scissors that will make it easier to navigate the contours of your face and keep your beard looking neat and polished.

5. A Beautiful Beard Brush

Trust us, grooming your beard with the right kind of brush makes a world of difference. Go for one that has 100% natural boar hair bristles, which have just right kind of stiffness needed to glide through even the most unruly strands of facial hair. They’ll also do an excellent job of distributing your beard’s natural oils, making it softer and less brittle. The fact that a well-designed brush looks great on your bathroom counter or in your kit doesn’t hurt, either.

If you really want a complete kit, consider adding a beard comb, balm and wax to your arsenal as well. But if you just want to stick to the basics, the five items mentioned above are exactly what you need to grow and maintain a head-turning beard.