4 Tips To Help Stop Your Beard From Itching

If you’ve finally decided to toss the razor and grow a beard, then good for you! A beard can be a great look, but it can carry a small problem – it can itch!

Many people completely give up growing a beard and shave off their facial hair because of a horrible itch. If you, or a furry faced friend, is suffering from beard itch then this article is perfect for you:

Why Does A Beard Itch?

To stop your beard from itching you need to understand the reasons for why your beard itches first of all.

Shaving Can Cause Beard Itch

The main reason for beard itch is actually due to shaving. When you shave, the razor cuts your facial hairs at an angle that leaves them with a sharp, pointed edge. When these now sharp, knife-like hairs start to grow in the direction of you skin, the hairs irritate and scratch your skin. The irritation and scratch action of the hairs results in an itch. This is very common when you start growing your beard.

Beard Itch Can Be Due To Dry Skin

Another reason is for a scratchy face dry skin, the skin under your beard gets dry either naturally because of weather conditions or commonly due to a non-existent beard grooming routine (your beard needs some lovin’). This can lead to severe itching.

Add to that a dirty unwashed beard which can have dust, dirt, food particles and more. It’s not surprising that your beard itches like crazy.

How To Stop Your Beard From Itching

Luckily there’s a lot we can do to stop and reduce the itch. Read on.

1) Wash Your Beard

Did you know that the average mustache can trap a pint of beer in a year?

Even if you don’t drink beer at all, it just goes to show that beards are a magnet for dust, dirt, food and more.

Bottom line, you need to clean your beard.

If you’re going to use your hair shampoo on your beard– DON’T. Shampooing your beard won’t do you any good for it. Hair shampoo contains chemicals that are meant for your scalp and not your face, hence why it’s not the type of product for the job.

You should use a beard wash. It contains natural ingredients such as organic oils that will keep your beard healthy, clean, hydrated and smelling great. Washing your beard will also help to remove dead skin cells that can cause itching and beardruff.

It’s recommended that the perfect beard should be washed 1-2 times a week. Make sure to dry your beard with a towel after washing it. It’s worth having in the back of your mind that over washing your beard can do more harm than good!

2) Moisturise Your Beard

Keeping your beard moisturised and hydrated will greatly help with eliminating the itch.

The perfect product for moisturising your beard is a beard oil. It’s the most important tools a bearded man can have in his arsenal.

Beard oils are made of natural organic essential oils that will not only nourish and moisturise your beard but also the skin beneath it – your beard will look and feel great!

You should apply beard oil daily, you can even apply it on a short stubble. Pour a few drops and rub them into your beard. That’s it.

If you want you can make your own beard oil.

3) Brush Your Beard

Brushing your beard may seem unimportant, but it has many benefits that will help reduce beard itch:

  • Keeps your beard clean from dirt and dust
  • Gives your beard shape and keeps it tangle free
  • Trains your beard to grow in one direction
  • Stimulates blood flow which helps with healthy beard growth.
  • Nourishes your beard naturally by evenly distributing your natural hair oils over your beard.

Don’t use a regular hair brush for your beard, use a boar beard brush.

Brushing your beard daily, right after applying beard oil is the recommended best practice.

4) Trim Your Beard

Trimming your beard is a must, when your beard reaches your desired length it’s time to trim it regularly. Don’t let it just grow wild.

Your beard doesn’t grow evenly on your face, so make sure you get rid of the stray hairs!

When you trim, start small as you can always cut more.

When trimming, it’s important to look out for ingrown hairs which can make any well groomed beard look bad- use tweezers to pull them off if you find one.

5) Beard Care Routine

The tips above are not dependent and you can apply each of them independently. But incorporating a daily beard care routine into your daily grooming routine will make sure you don’t forget or neglect your beard. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and you’re sure to like the results. It doesn’t matter if you do it in the morning or before you go to sleep.

  • Shower and wash your beard using a beard shampoo (1-2 times a week)
  • Dry your beard with a towel (try to avoid using a hair dryer to dry it)
  • Apply beard oil – after a shower, your pores are open and will easily absorb the oils
  • Brush your beard

That’s it short and sweet.

Author Bio

Jason Hall has been growing and shaving his beard for the last 10 years. He loves experimenting with grooming and styling.

You can read more on his blog https://wisebeards.com