3 Reasons Why Your Beard Isn’t Growing

You may not be pleased at your progress when you decide to grow your first beard. Like anything else, you will want to make sure that you are patient. If you need help with your new beard, check out Lovely Beards’ versatile line of organic beard oils and balms.

You Aren’t Giving Your Beard Enough Time to Grow

You might not see a difference right away when you are growing your beard. A full, healthy beard can take up to four weeks to grow in fully. Make sure to avoid shaving your facial hair at the first sign of an itch.

You Aren’t Leaving Your Hair Alone as it Grows

When you are growing your first beard, make sure to avoid the temptation of styling your facial hair. When you are shaping your facial hair, you can take off way too much hair during the growth process. As your hair grows, try to comb it in the direction you would like to have it grow.

You Aren’t Using Balms & Oils to Encourage Growth

The best organic beard balm will encourage the growth of your facial hair. These products typically contain moisturizing ingredients that will act as styling agents. Using all natural beard balms and oils will ensure that your facial hair grows stronger due to the removal of bacteria and contaminants.

Lovely Beards’ line of balms is made with an array of ingredients, such as organic shea butter, beeswax, and almond oil. Their products are safe and gentle for all skin types, and can stop the itching that comes with a new beard.

Lovely Beards sets the standards for products in the beard care industry. Whether you need a beard balm or an organic beard oil, these products ensure the long-term health of your beard. And they will help you get the look you have always wanted.