The 10 Things Women Find Most Attractive In Men’s Style

While we are all taught not to judge a book by its cover, a first impression really does matter — especially when it comes to dating. We’ve gained feedback from a group of women about their thoughts regarding what details they care about most when it comes to guys’ style and leant what really make a difference:

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive In Men’s Style:

1) A Well Fitted Suit

We know the main function of a suit – high-standard clothing for business meetings and other fancy events. A suit isn’t the most commonly worn outfit for first romantic dates, but women actually love men wearing suits every now and then. And they certainly appreciate the effort you made to be sure your suit fits you!

2) A Stylish Watch

Most of us use smartphones to check the time, but a way more polite way to tell the time is an effortless flick of the wrist. That’s why, for this reason, every gentleman needs a fine watch.

And the second quite obvious reason – ladies like men who pay some extra attention to small details. In this way, if you have a minimalistic timepiece on your wrist – it will definitely catch their eyes.

3) Henleys

Henleys are a major step up from the conventional t-shirt speaking of attraction factor. A Henley shirt lends a casual sophistication to your outfit and can be easily added to your wardrobe without heavy money spending. Opt for a couple of these in neutral colors, such as white, gray, and navy, and pair them with any pants you own.

4) Pink Colour

Pink has quite an appeal going beyond all these socially constructed views and stereotypes on masculinity. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of self-confidence it takes for a man to wear pink (pastel pink in particular). Women really like this sort of boldness. And we all know ladies respond well to self-confident and bold guys.

5) Well Fitted Jeans

Any dude, regardless of age or body type, must own a fine pair of jeans in his closet.

Nowadays, there are many brands and cuts, so you might actually need some kind of trial and error before you eventually end up getting the right pair.

The trick: go 1 size down, if not – try a different fit.

6) Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere adds extra softness to your style, and girls just love to touch it. Women love guys with a warm, “sensitive” side contrasting with their manliness.

Get your cashmere sweater ready for the upcoming winter and cold rainy days. Trust us, it will come in handy when you’ll want to get closer to a girl. And the more she touches it, the more she will adore being around you.

7) V-Necks

It’s all that versatile – you can put on a plain white V-neck, and it still won’t resemble your undershirt.

Females are drawn to items that strike the proper balance between casual and dapper – which a V-neck can do effortlessly. The V shape is a safe bet for the vast majority of occasions. However, be careful and avoid V-necks that go down too low, overexposing the chest. These may turn girls off.

8) Mankles

Perhaps the most controversial point on our list, the mankle, which is man+ankle, does actually have quite a modern and daring character, with an undertone of sensuality. And that’s exactly why so many women go crazy over it.

You can adopt this look by simply cuffing your pants or looking for a cropped trouser. But don’t expose more than 1-2 inches of the ankle, or you might risk looking like you’ve just hit a late growth spurt.

9) Rolled Sleeves

Roll your sleeves showing a little forearm – that’ll be a huge hit with ladies! It has a cool, casual, and really approachable vibe. Keep this outfit idea in mind next time you are heading to a post-work dinner or anytime you need to tone down the formal nature of a button-up shirt.

10) A Confident Self

No clothing piece can replace confidence. You may have the most fantastic suit, shoes, or watch. Your smile can look like it came off a toothpaste ad. But if you seriously lack confidence, it will pop out and eventually distract a woman from everything else.

Start believing you are attractive. That’s how you get things easier!

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