10 Quick & Easy Tips For Clearer, Smoother, Acne-Free Skin

Finding a spot can be a massive mood changer but yet most guys don’t do enough to prevent them from forming.

Here are 10 skincare tips you need to be using to make sure your face is spot-free:

Acne Fighting Skincare Tips

1. Start & End Your Day The Right Way

Splashing your face in the morning does more than just wake you up, it removes excess skin and oils which helps clog up pores and cause spots. We recommend investing in a premium face wash from trusted skincare brands like the ClarinsMen Active Face Wash below:

ClarinsMen Face Wash

You should also get into the habit of washing away all the dirt, oil and grease from the day every evening with a face wash.

Exfoliating 1-2 times a week is great for keeping skin fresh, healthy and spot free but be careful not to over do it, you could end up irritating your skin making it even worse. You need to know what your skin can handle but don’t worry, this comes with experience.

Try the ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser 2 in 1 Deep Cleansing 125ml if you’re looking for a new exfoliator.

2. Moisturise 

Moisturising is key to maintaing perfect skin and applying when your skin is still damp is ample to keeping skin hydrated and preventing breakouts.

If you have normal skin then look for an oil-based moisturiser and if you have dry or flaky skin then an oil-based moisturiser should be your new best friend.

For breakout prone skin or naturally oily skin then a water-based moisturiser is perfect.

3. Stay Hydrated

The best way to keep skin hydrated is to start on the inside. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day will help you notice a massive difference in your skins complexion and massive decline in breakouts.

Keeping an eye on your caffeine and alcohol consumption is key, they can reverse the effects of keeping hydrated as they increase the amount of water you excrete.

4. Start Early With Wrinkles

With wrinkles you really want to get into the mindset of prevention is better than cure. You should be fighting wrinkles before they’ve even formed by incorporating a retinol cream into your daily routine – it promotes both collagen production and cell growth improving the firmness and tone of your skin.

We recommend to use it at night as retinol can make your skin more sensitive to sun-light which is a common cause of skin-aging. Kill two birds with one stone by sourcing a retinol containing moisturiser.

Men by Clarins Anti Fatigue Eye Serum 20ml
Men by Clarins Anti Fatigue Eye Serum 20ml

5. Minimise Sugar Intake 

Sugary diets can result in inflammation which can lead to breakouts. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on all kinds of food not just the typical unhealthy options – most yogurts, cereals and even fruits can have a lot of sugar so keep that in mind.

6. Shade

Sunlight is a contributor to the ageing of skin – its slows down cell growth and collagen production which help to firm up skin.

Using an SPF containing moisturiser daily is great for keeping sun-damage at a low.

7. Sleep

Make sure your mind and body are both kept well rested by ensuring you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is a great opportunity to let you body recover and for cells to fix all the damage the day has done. A lot of our hormones are heightened while we sleep so its really important that you’re getting enough of it!

8. 5 A Day

It kind of goes without saying, if you want to ensure your body is in the best state it can be, eating your recommended daily intake of fruit and veg is essential. They contain all the vitamins our body need to help reverse skin damage, skin ageing and breakouts.


9. Keep Your Cool

Getting stressed sends your hormones off the scale, affecting your skin dramatically. Hormones are really important in producing essential skin proteins which help to maintain healthy skin, from collagen production to skin cell production. Taking time to chill out helps your skin to stop breakouts.

10. Stop Smoking

The damaging effects smoking has on your body are endless. Smoking dramatically effects blood circulation around the body and most importantly in this case, to your skin. Decreasing circulation means your body could fail to prevent acne breakouts. Smoking is heavily associated with a yellow/greyish skin complexion too!