10 Benefits Of Using The Steam Room

Steam Room - benefits of the steam room

How do you start your day? If it doesn’t start with 10 minutes in the Steam Room then you’re missing a trick! There are so many benefits of the steam room that many of us are not aware of.

Discover the steam room benefits for yourself and see why starting your day in the steam room will set you up for the day ahead.

Whether you follow a workout with some time in the steam room or manage to find just a few minutes a week for a relaxing steam, there are numerous of benefits to be enjoyed by all!

10 Benefits Of The Steam Room

There are several different benefits of the steam room; mental health, weight loss and wellbeing are just a few. Discover just 10 benefits associated with the steam room:

1. Go Offline

When was the last time you spent 15 minutes away from your phone? And no, sleeping doesn’t count!

Unfortunately, the fear of getting your phone wet is one of the only ways we detach ourselves from our phones. Often forgetting about how good it feels to go offline, the peace of the steam room will allow you to be at one with your thoughts – enjoy this time!

Steams room are perfect for detaching yourself from the modern world and to put the world to rights in your head. We love to start the day with a few minutes of peace and quiet in the steam room, which are pretty rare these days.

2. Plan Or Reflect On Your Day

We’ve covered that the steam room is a great way to go offline and escape the rat race. We love using these precious minutes to plan the day ahead in the morning or to reflect back on our day if using the steam room in the evening. Ideal for prioritising tasks you need to complete for work or making important steps towards personal goals. The mental benefits of the steam room are definitely worth taking the time out for.

3. Great For Skin

The steam room is great for your skin by reducing spots, acne & blackheads. The moist, clean heat has an opening action on our pores helping to remove any dirt, oil or debris previously stuck in your pores.

Using the steam room regularly will help prevent the build up of dirt and oil in your pores moving forward, leaving you with clearer, cleaner and healthier skin.

If you suffer from acne or blackheads then consider including the steam room as part of your grooming routine – one of the best benefits of the steam room.

What’s more, your body will increase blood flow to the surface of your skin due to the heat of steam room. The increased blood flow provides your skin with more skin nutrients which improve your complexion, fight inflammation & spots, whilst giving you a warmer glow.

Ever wondered if the benefits of the steam room were better than the sauna? Read our review on ‘Sauna vs. Steam Room – Which Is Better For You Skin?’ 

4. Weight Loss

Weight Scale

Who wouldn’t love to sit in a steam room and take comfort in knowing that it is helping to reduce your waist line?

Our ability to put on or lose weight is normally determined by our metabolism, which fortunately for us, can be influenced by certain activities and foods. The higher our metabolism the more calories burnt by our body, which in turn results in weight loss.

The high heat of the steam room results in an increase in our metabolism by inducing sweating, the bodies natural cooling function. Using the steam room regularly will lead to more sweating, helping you to loose a few extra pounds.

A great benefit of the steam room!

5. Opens The Sinuses

Steam is probably one of the most common old wives tales for treating the common cold. How many winters have you spent huddled around a bowl of hot water under a towel? Fortunately, our parents weren’t just making us do it for comical effect. One benefit of the steam room is it’s ability to open up our sinuses.

The hot, moist heat of the steam room opens our mucous membranes in our throat and lunges which helps to loosen the mucous often ‘blocked in our sinuses’, resulting in a noticeable improvement in our basal breathing rate.

All this helps you to breathe better.

6. Removes Toxins

Sweating is the bodies natural way for removing toxins.

Not only does sweating aid with weight loss but the increased sweating from the steam room helps to remove toxins, making it a perfect hang over cure for the day after the night before.

7. Increased Blood Flow

Steams room are a great way to kick start our body into action by increasing blood flow around the body due to the increase in metabolism.

Similar to the effect minor exercise has on our bodies cardiovascular system. The increased temperature gets blood bumping to our key organs, helping to wake you up in the mornings and even being good for cardiovascular disease due to the positive impact on the heart.

8. Perfect Post Workout Chill

The steam room goes hand in hand with the gym with it being perfect for a post workout session. The positive impact the steam room has on a heart rate means that blood flow to our muscles increases, helping to increase muscle recovery after a gym session.

The heat is also great to help soothe nerve endings to relieve any tension following a heavy workout.

What’s more, the 70-80 degree heat can also aid with recovery following a work out according to the journal of applied physiology. The heat associated with the steam room reduces oxidative stress on the body which means improved muscle recovery and an aid in muscle growth. Stronger gym gains is definitely a strong benefit of the steam room.

9. Good For Joints

Who knew that the steam room was good for our joints and bones?

Heat has historically been used to help with joint pain and help manage diseases such as arthritis. With some suffers moving abroad to warmer countries to benefit from the positive impact of heat on their joints, full time.

The heat from the steam room does help to ease pain, increase mobility, and enhance feelings of well-being when used with a range of other treatments including diet, exercise and medication.

10. Drink More Water

Another benefit of the steam room is the positive impact it has on our water intake. Most users of the steam room will go into the therapy room with a bottle full of ice cold water and come out with it empty.

We’ve all experienced hotter temperatures making us drink more water and the steam room is no different. To stay in the steam room for longer, you will need to ensure you have a bottle of water with you otherwise you wont have anything to quench your thirst. The longer you stay in the steam room, the better the benefits and the more water you drink. Win-win situation!

These are just 10 benefits of the steam room but there are so many more benefits to explore. Why not try the steam room for yourself and report back on any positive benefits you experience?

Get The Benefits Of The Steam Room At Home

The 10 benefits listed above sound great, don’t they? Don’t worry, you don’t need to fork out on a gym membership purely to experience on some of the listed benefits.

Fortunately, you can enjoy some of these benefits in your own home through a facial steamer.

Below our some of the best reviewed facial steamers that we recommend:

1. Hangsun Facial Steamer FS80 – includes both a facial sauna and inhaler functions to satisfy your different needs. It includes a full face steamer, a nose steamer and a measuring cup.

This face steamer features an aromatherapy and essential oil function. You can add 2 to 3 drops of your favourite essential or aromatherapy oils into the water, then enjoy a nice and comfortable facial spa at home.

2. YUNI Facial Steamer – Deep pore cleaning: soothing steam opens pores to help remove dirt and bacteria. Helps remove dead skin cells and helps increase the absorptions of nutrients and moisture.

It is very easy to use, just fill with water and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. It can lift your mood and relieve stress from stressful and tired day.


Facial steamers will help to clear blackheads and improve skin health when used regularly, we recommend using 1-2 per week in order to see the benefits of steam on your skin.