Does Shaving My Chest Hair Really Make It Grow Back Thicker?

Will shaving my chest make the hair grow back thicker?

Manscaping can be a daunting task for any man, even the most confident. Once you start you grooming you kind of have to carry on doing it. But, one of the most common questions associated with chest hair grooming is “will my chest hair grow back thicker if I shave it?”… and we’re here to set the record straight.


It’s a myth that shaving makes hair grow back thicker, it doesn’t increase overall hair growth so that you get hairier – imagine how furry we’d be if it did.

The truth is that when you shave your chest, the hair does tend to look thicker when it grows back. This is due to the effect shaving has on the hair; it slices off the tips of the hair leaving the ends blunt and more noticeable once they have re-grown. Initially, you get a stubbly look until the hairs are a few millimetres long.

Need an example? Imagine slicing a pencil in half compared to sharpening the end. Sharpening leaves a nice thin point whereas slicing would resort in a large surface area – a noticeable difference in surface area.

Alternatives Hair Removal Methods

If you are still weary of shaving your chest hair then the solution lies within waxing, sugaring or a depilatory cream. All of these methods remove the hair at the root, ensuring that when the hairs grow back they do so with a fine, soft tip which don’t look as thick and don’t itch – a massive advantage when compared to shaving.

Here are some of our recommend chest hair removal methods and the products to remove unwanted body hair:

There’s another big benefit too: shaving will only keep the hair at bay for a few days but removing it at the root will give you a smooth chest for long; weeks to months.

On a final note, if you still think shaving is the hair removal method for you then just expect to be shaving at least once a week to keep your chest hair free.