Will Beard Baubles Make A Festive Comeback For Christmas 2015?

Beard Baubles, yes baubles to accompany the big bushy beard, litterally broke the internet last Christmas. They were all over Facebook, Pinterest and the DailyMail – we were all going crazy for them. And why wouldn’t we? Beard baubles are one of the most creative and arguable strangest ways to get in the festive spirit.

But where did they come from? The concept was developed by designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford along with creative agency The Grey London – we’d love to tell you that they were our idea but we simply aren’t as cool as these guys. The proceeds from the sale of Beard Baubles purchased from beardbaubles.tictail.com go towards Beard Season, an Australian charity that raises awareness of melanoma.

Need a gentle reminder? Below are the epic images that dominated last Christmas.

beard-baubles-christmas-decoration-11 2 beard-baubles-christmas-decoration-22 beard-baubles-christmas-decoration-33 beard-baubles-christmas-decoration-55


As famous as they were, did you actually see anyone rocking a beard bauble? No neither did we, but we are hopeful for Christmas 2015. Our aim, is to get beard baubles at every Christmas work party and break the internet again this year. So whether you’re looking to get some for yourself or get some for someone else, below is how you can get your hands on a pair.

Where can I get some?

The originally beard bauble was from beardbaubles.tictail.com but unfortunately they have currently sold out – keep checking back to see if they have come back in stock. But don’t worry though because you can make your own very easily.

How to make your own beard baubles?

Beard baubles are pretty simple to make, cheap to make and make the perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

Things you will need:
1) Multicoloured baubles (2cm diameter or less)
2) Mini Kirby grips (Bobby pins)
3) A polypropylene bag (ask local sweet/candy shops for one)
4) A Stapler

Now simply watch the below video and within 2 minutes you’ve got the perfect present for your bearded friend.

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