Top Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Maybe your best friend’s birthday is coming up, or maybe you’re thinking about Christmas already. Either way, here are some great gift ideas to help you out.

Sports Card Prints

Did your friend used to collect those sports cards with images on them when they were young? Are they a sports obsessive? Well, this could be the ideal gift for them. Topps have been making baseball cards for a long time, and you can now buy posters of these cards. It’s the kind of gift that will remind them of their childhood, and it could be a great addition to their home if they still love the sport. It doesn’t have to be all about baseball though. There are also football cards as well.

A Handmade Vinyl Record Bowl

Music fans will love this gift idea. All you need to do is go to a charity shop and find an old vinyl record and use it to make a useful bowl. So, how do you do that? You simply preheat your oven, place an oven safe bowl on a baking tray and then place the record on top of the bowl. When you place the record in the oven, it will start to melt and then solidify around the bowl, creating a bowl shape out of the record. This is a pretty unique type of gift to give to your friend, so you should consider it.

A Self-Stirring Mug

This is also known as the lazy man mug. Many men are lazy, so why not make life even easier for them by giving them a mug that stirs itself? It’s a fun little gift that is sort of jokey, but also sort of useful! That’s a great combination of factors to have in a gift. They work by having an electronic device built into the cup that spins when you press a button, stirring the coffee automatically. They’re pretty cheap to buy, and they haven’t been on the market for very long, so they make ideal gifts.

Scotch Whiskey

This is a gift that you can’t really go wrong with. Everyone likes to drink from time to time. And if you know what your friend likes to drink, this could be a great gift. It’s certainly better than buying them some wine or craft beer.  Giving scotch as a gift also allows them to decide what they want to do with it. They can drink it with friends on their birthday. Or they can keep it and let it mature for a few years before eventually drinking it.

A Selection of Great Films

If you’re buying a gift for a movie buff, you should introduce them to some films that they might not have seen before. Or even some films that you know they love. If you really want to splash out, you could buy them the latest blu-ray player and some blu-ray copies of those films. The great thing about introducing a movie buff to some new films is that they’ll appreciate exploring them, even if they don’t love the films. To find out which films they haven’t seen, you could slip the topic casually into conversation.

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